Carrier Systems’ 360° Trailers

360° Trailer

Even the super-seasoned lawn pro with a ton of experience can get a little rattled when towing around a trailer. Inclement weather, balding tires, narrow streets, one-way traffic, unexpected dead ends…there could be a bunch of reasons why you might potentially jack-knife the dumb trailer. Well, Carrier Systems aims to make you look like less of a driving noob with the release of their innovative new line of trailers. Carrier Systems’ 360° Trailers eliminate the struggle that comes part and parcel with towing a trailer.

What Carrier Systems Was Looking For

“If we could wave the magic wand, what kind of trailer would we want to pull behind our trucks? We would want a super-versatile, ultra-rugged, easy to load and unload trailer that we don’t even realize we are pulling behind us – and one that we never have to struggle to parallel park again.”

What Makes The 360° Trailers So Special?

Some of you are probably reading this and wondering how much innovation a company can really work into a trailer design. Fair enough. Well, Carrier Systems has worked in some interesting design features to make the trailer an extension of your truck bed.360° Trailer

For one thing, Carrier Systems guarantees that their 360° Trailers will never jack-knife or fishtail on you.  This is due, in part, to the Carrier Systems’ patent-pending swivel wheel design. Instead of the standard, fixed-wheel design most trailers employ, the 360° Trailer uses a caster wheel that swivels when thrown into reverse. The result is a trailer that allows for easier parallel parking…and really, just reversing in general. Basically, whatever direction the truck is headed in, so goes the trailer also.360° Trailer

The American-made Carrier Systems’ 360° Trailers also employs high-quality steel in the construction of their trailers. They apply an abrasive powder coating to the ramps and floorplates for max tire grip. Durable construction allows for up to a 1200 lb carry capacity. Stainless steel floorplates are available should you need additional strength and corrosion resistance. The Carrier Systems’ 360° Trailers can fit any 2″ class 4 receiver and up. Also, each of the 360° Trailers has adjustable ramps to fit any wheelbase or 10 ply tire size.

Final Thoughts

I’m not entirely sure that Carrier Systems is the only game in town when it comes to this sort of trailer design, but they claim to be the first. And, these trailers do look functional and easier to manage than a traditional trailer. But, they also look like they have at least one glaring limitation. For one thing, size might be an issue for the lawn pro who needs to carry a few mowers plus equipment. The 360° trailers are customizable, but I haven’t seen one yet that wouldn’t limit the pro on size.

For more information on Carrier Systems’ 360° Trailers, visit .

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Jason Colombo

Could you tell them its a cool concept but they need a better video explaining it. The video they have is horrible quality and way too short.

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