Power Carts and Trailers

Something new has entered the fray of landscaping in the form of the landscaping cart. While our landscaping trailer reviews take a look at what it takes to haul heavy equipment, power carts are smaller. Our power cart reviews look at battery-powered carts that take the place of a wheelbarrow. They can haul anything from tools to mulch, or anything else that would be heavy. Power carts typically have hand controls and can go forward or backward to carry heavy items around the yard. Newer models are now lithium-ion powered, and some, like the Makita X2 model, operate using standard 18V tool batteries. Power Cart Reviews and Landscaping Trailer Reviews With respect to landscaping trailer reviews, we look hard at build quality. That can take into account aluminum or steel construction, weld-quality, wheels, brakes, axels, and more. Features and capabilities also play a role in ratings and rankings as we rank each product on performance and value.

Greenworks 60V Electric Wheelbarrow Garden Cart Review

Back in 2017 after Hurricane Irma ran through central Florida, we quickly realized how the importance of electric wheelbarrows. Back then, the model we used got its power from a lead-acid battery. Now, the Greenworks 60V electric wheelbarrow sips power from a 4Ah lithium-ion battery pack. And the same pack that powers this Greenworks 60V […]

Toro Spray Master

Toro Spray Master Series | First Look

Consistency and Precision are Key with Toro Spray Master Series The Toro Spray Master Series of stand-on spreaders promises more consistent liquid flows and granular spreads. For turf care Pros that require precise application over the span of acres, Toro has a model to suit just about any need. Toro Spray Master Features Speed and […]

Toro MB 2500 TX Power Dump

Toro Mud Buggy 2500 TX – Power Dumper

I’ve done my share of hauling endless wheelbarrow loads of…’everything’. From wet concrete to broken concrete, mulch, and dirt, many a load I have wheeled. Oh, how I dreamed of an engine-driven mule that would not only haul but also dump the heavy load. Alas, my dreams have come to life. Ok, back to reality. […]

360° Trailer

Carrier Systems’ 360° Trailers

Even the super-seasoned lawn pro with a ton of experience can get a little rattled when towing around a trailer. Inclement weather, balding tires, narrow streets, one-way traffic, unexpected dead ends…there could be a bunch of reasons why you might potentially jack-knife the dumb trailer. Well, Carrier Systems aims to make you look like less […]

Review8.8(out of 10)
Electric Powered Wheelbarrow Feature

Overland Carts Electric Powered Wheelbarrow Review – 10 Cubic Foot

Have you ever had the privilege to clean up five acres after a hurricane? Me neither, until Hurricane Irma decided to wreck Central Florida with torrential rains and wind. Did I mention that five (5) acres is full of oak and palm trees? Yeah, what a bonus! Let me just say, it was perfect timing […]