Toro MB 2500 TX Power Dump Power Carts and Trailers

Toro Mud Buggy 2500 TX – Power Dumper

Toro MB 2500 TX ControlsI’ve done my share of hauling endless wheelbarrow loads of…’everything’. From wet concrete to broken concrete, mulch, and dirt, many a load I have wheeled. Oh, how I dreamed of an engine-driven mule that would not only haul but also dump the heavy load. Alas, my dreams have come to life. Ok, back to reality. Powered carts and haulers are all the rage, and rightly so. The Toro Mud Buggy 2500 TX is designed with concrete in mind, but it’s right at home carrying other material as well.

The 25hp Kohler engine delivers a 6 mph forward top speed. Furthermore, the power onhand helps to carry up to 2,500 pounds and dump it. In concrete terms, this is more than a 1/2 cubic yard, 16 cubic feet to be exact. The ‘TX’ in the Toro Mud Buggy 2500 TX model number designates that it has tracks. These tracks offer superior traction, while also spreading the over a wider surface. With more surface area, ruts in the lawn are less likely to appear.

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Toro Mud Buggy 2500 Features

Toro Mud Buggy TX 2500Did I mention that you can actually ride on this power wagon?! A suspended platform allows the operator to ride along, providing more trips with less fatigue. The platform will fold-up, out of the way as well. Controlling the Toro Mud Buggy is simple with the traction control, and the tracks provide better maneuverability than typical wheels and tires. The continuous tracks are Kevlar reinforced to ensure long-life and better performance.

The dump switch is right beside the user’s thumb for quick and easy access. In addition to dumping, the auto-return dump feature automatically returns the tub to the resting position. This feature aids in efficiency and safety. Maintenance on the Toro Mud Buggy 2500 TX hasn’t been left out of the equation either. Toro has reduced the number of hoses and fittings, hence reducing service time and cost. Additionally, the belts, hydraulics, and batteries are easily accessible for routine maintenance.

Our Thoughts

Yes, please! Who doesn’t think a gas-powered, rubber-tracked, power-dumping cart is awesome? Not only does it sound good, we can see the potential to be more efficient and possibly provide a quick ROI. No word yet on the price of the Toro Mud Buggy 2500, so we’re not sure whether this is a great value, or not. We hope to get one in for review soon and rest assured, we’ll bring you the great news (or bad) and all the details.

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Toro Mud Buggy 2500 TXToro MB TX 2500 Specifications


  • Capacity: 16 cu. ft. (0.45 cu. m.)
  • Weight Capacity: 2,500 lbs.
  • Engine: 25hp Kohler Confidant
  • Speeds: 6 mph forward, 3 mph reverse
  • Machine Weight: 1,575 lbs.
  • MSRP: ??

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