Toro Spray Master Series | First Look

Toro Spray Master

Consistency and Precision are Key with Toro Spray Master Series

The Toro Spray Master Series of stand-on spreaders promises more consistent liquid flows and granular spreads. For turf care Pros that require precise application over the span of acres, Toro has a model to suit just about any need.

10-Second Summary

  • Models: Spray Master Junior, Spray Master Intermediate, Spray Master Max, Spray Master Max XL
  • Vanguard Commercial 16HP 479cc engine
  • Up to 7 mph with Spray Master Junior, 8 mph for the Intermediate through Max XL models
  • Clog-free liquid flow from auxiliary pump that delivers up to 7 gal. per minute at 10 psi
  • Maintain constant speed during dry spread applications with stall prevention
  • White tanks let you check fluid levels with a glance
  • Simplified steering
  • Large capacity tanks and hoppers
  • On/Off foot button, onboard spray hose, and fertilizer trays for additional storage
  • Access to nearly 3,000 servicing dealers in the US and Canada

Toro Spray Master Features

Speed and Steering

All of the Toro Spray Master models feature a Vanguard Commercial 16HP 479cc engine. This moves the smallest model (Spray Master Junior) up to 7 mph, while the other three models can squeeze out another miler per hour on their top speeds.

You can lock your top speed into place with the adjustable speed bar, ensuring that your speed doesn’t exceed your rate of distribution. Digital calibration can be fine-tuned and set on the spreader’s speedometer.

Toro makes on-the-fly adjustments manageable with a simplified steering system. One hand controls both forward and reverse, as well as left and right steering. This leaves the other hand free to make adjustments or to use the onboard spray hose while the on/off foot button makes spot spraying simple.


Toro boasts that the new Spray Master spreaders will boost your overall productivity with a consistent application of both liquids and solids.

All of the spreaders in this series advertise a clog-free flow. Commercial-grade auxiliary pumps on each of the models deliver up to 10 psi, with the Spray Master Max reaching 5 gallons per minute. The Max XL model delivers 7 gallons per minute. Agitators keep materials loose. With dry spread applications, you’ll be able to maintain a constant speed of application since the Toro Spray Master spreaders feature stall prevention.

Liquid sprays can be set in 2 ft, 4 ft, 6 ft, and 8 ft widths on the Junior and Intermediate Spray Masters. The Max and Max XL models allow a 10ft spread from the 3-part, collapsible boom sprayer. Dry spreading can be set anywhere from 3 ft to 25 ft on any of the models. Side deflectors allow you to direct exactly where you want to spread your dry materials.


The Toro Spray Master Series features large capacities on the fuel tanks, dry hoppers, and liquid tanks.

All of the Toro Spray Master models feature 5-gallon fuel tanks, but the wet/dry storage capacities break down like this:

  • Max XL: 60-gallon spray capacity/220-lb spreader hopper capacity
  • Max: 60-gallon spray capacity/220-lb spreader hopper capacity
  • Intermediate: 30-gallon spray capacity/220-lb spreader hopper capacity
  • Junior: 24-gallon spray capacity/120-lb spreader hopper capacity

The white tanks let you check your fluid levels as you work. With the larger models, Toro gives you some fertilizer trays to carry up to 100 extra pounds outside of the hopper. The idea here is that, with all this room for material and fuel storage, you’ll make fewer trips back to the truck for refills.

Where To Purchase

The Toro Spray Master Series will be available soon from any one of the nearly 3,000 Toro dealerships spread across the US and Canada. To learn more about the Spray Master lineup, or to find your closest Toro dealer, visit .

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