Fisher-Barton – Sharpen Mower Blades While Mowing

sharpen mower blades

You know how lawn care can be a lucrative field where there’s always more work to be had, but also how it kind of sucks keeping up with the maintenance so that your operations continue to run smoothly? Well, Fisher-Barton, one of today’s leaders in metallurgical technology, might have come up with a solution to having to sharpen your mower blades all the damn time. Their new LaserEdge Eversharp lawnmower blades stay sharp over the life of the blade because, supposedly, they continuously cut themselves sharp.

How Does It Work, You Ask?

Well, the LaserEdge Eversharp technology is applied to the underside of the blade’s cutting edges. As the blade cuts, the original blade metal wears away, exposing more of the cutting edge of the harder and more wear-resistant Eversharp material. LaserEdge promises that using blades treated with Eversharp technology will increase fuel efficiency, extend blade life, require less maintenance and downtime, and lead to healthier, greener lawns.sharpen mower blades


LaserEdge will fess up that their blades will have a higher initial cost than traditional lawn mower blades, but believe that the overall savings outweigh the higher up-front price. Take a look at the Savings Calculator from the LaserEdge Website .Sharpen Mower Blades

Of course, it’s been a little difficult to figure out just how much a new set of Eversharp blades will actually run you, as there doesn’t seem to be any hard and fast information about pricing on the website. The prices we have seen floating around, however, indicate that an 18″ blade will run you about $44.50. The prices move up from there.

Where Can I Purchase These Miracles Of Modern Science?

As of right now, LaserEdge is in the process of working with various equipment manufacturers to bring this technology to their existing product line-ups. The new self-sharpening blades should be coming soon to Hustler, Cub Cadet, Big Dog, Ariens, Gravely, and Husqvarna dealers. But, if you’re bored with having to sharpen mower blades and happen to be in a mad rush to try out this seemingly viable alternative, check out your local Grasshopper dealer. They should be carrying the LaserEdge Eversharp product line right now.

Final Thoughts

Certainly, if time is money, then not having to sharpen mower blades every 8 hours should make you feel like the king of the world. Not only are you saving time and, consequently, money, but you’re also able to avoid the tedium of lawn mower maintenance. But, at 3 or 4 times more expensive than your standard mower blades, does the Eversharp blade’s price point justify the extra time I’m saving?

If saving time and energy was the only benefit to these blades, you could probably just chalk the LaserEdge Eversharp blades as a luxury purchase. But, there are other benefits to having a blade that keeps itself sharp. Probably the biggest one revolves around the quality of a good, sharp cut. If a blade can improve the quality of your lawns by leaving them less vulnerable to dehydration, browning, and disease, then your accounts become your calling card. It might seem far-fetched to think that a new set of blades could be your inroad into bigger and better work, but stranger things have happened.

All that said, if this product functions as advertised – increasing fuel efficiency, minimizing downtime, and improving lawn quality – there could be a definite benefit to switching out your traditional mower blades.

For more information about how Eversharp tech can benefit your business, visit  or .


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