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Nexus Escape – EGO Power Inverter

Have you ever wanted to take your TV out to the woods for a relaxing weekend in a hot, sweaty tent? Camping is not my idea of a good time either, but I’ll admit that being able to plug in a 42″ LCD TV would go a long way to mitigating the annoyance of having to fight off bloodthirsty mosquitos while trying to get some sleep on the ground. Well, the Nexus Escape, the new EGO power inverter, might be the cure for all of our camping and general portable power ailments.


Known for their powerful line of OPE, EGO has found a way to move into some other areas of the battery-powered market. The Nexus Escape allows users to add a 150W AC power outlet to their 56V EGO batteries. For good measure, they also toss in a couple USB outlets. With the new EGO power inverter, users can charge phones, tablets, and laptops. With 150 Watts, you can also run lights, small LCD televisions, and more. You probably won’t use this to power your larger tools. However, the EGO power inverter presents an alternative to DC-based inverters that need to plug into your truck’s 12V lighter.

EGO Power Inverter Performance

EGO gives a per-battery breakdown of the 150W inverter’s capabilities:

  • 2.5Ah battery = 12 iPhone charges (11Wh), 3 tablet charges (41Wh), 2+ laptop charges (54.5Wh)
  • 5.0Ah battery = 25 iPhone charges (11Wh), 6 tablet charges (41Wh), 4+ laptop charges (54.5Wh)
  • 7.5Ah battery = 38 iPhone charges (11Wh), 10 tablet charges (41Wh), 7+ laptop charges (54.5Wh)
  • Additionally, it will run a 42″ LCD TV with 0.5A draw for 5/10/15 hours respectively

Ego Power Inverter


EGO plans to release the Nexus Escape power inverter sometime around September 10, 2018. It will retail for $99, and it comes with a 5-Year warranty and a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. The batteries and chargers are sold separately.

For more information about the EGO power inverter, the brand itself, and what battery options are presently available, check out their website here .

The EGO Nexus Escape can be purchased here .


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