Peacemaker CFA Tomahawk Review

Peacemaker CFA Tomahawk

5.11 Revives a Classic for Everyday Use

The mere image of a tomahawk conjures thoughts of edged-weapon combat. Its balance and razor-sharp head were formidable and deadly (invoking Daniel Day Lewis with his Hawkeye). But dating back hundreds of years, the Algonquian Native Americans conceived of this “weapon” as a practical tool–functioning as a hatchet. And to this day, modern iterations like the Peacemaker CFA Tomahawk are handy, reliable solutions for a variety of outdoor work.

So, curious–and wowed by the undeniable cool factor–we got our hands on one. Here’s what we thought of it.

Last of the Mohicans

Peacemaker CFA Tomahawk Design


In terms of the tool’s composition, you have mainly SCM 435 steel underneath fiberglass-reinforced nylon scales to form a handle. Furthermore, the blend contains chromium and molybdenum and falls within the medium-hardness category.

Overall, the Peacemaker CFA Tomahawk has decent impact properties, which are obviously desirable for a striking tool.

Cutting Edge

The Peacemaker CFA Tomahawk has an axe edge that makes chopping fairly easy. And, in terms of balance, the tomahawk (by design) brings a bit more fluidity and precision to each swing than you’d get with hardware store hatchets.

5.11 Peacemaker Tomahawk

On the other side, you’ve got the blade point, which is great for things like ice.

Want more edged tools? Check out Hooyman axes and hatchets.


Get a Grip

As mentioned above, the handle is equipped with scales. However, if they aren’t your thing, you can take them off and wrap the bare metal handle. You’ll want to do the latter to prevent the edges from grinding away at your fingers and palm.


Additional Features

  • Nylon protective head cover
  • 4-position belt/MOLLE clip (3-inch capacity)

5.11 Peacemaker CFA Tomahawk Price

This tool retails for $150, and 5.11 backs it with a limited lifetime warranty.

Peacemaker CFA Tomahawk Bottom Line

The big thing going for this tomahawk is its balance and weight. Of course, this lends itself to precision and strike effectiveness, which boosts the tool’s overall performance.

What’s more, there isn’t any shortage of tasks and settings where the Peacemaker CFA Tomahawk won’t prove useful–whether you’re working in the yard, the woods, or on a camping trip. In short, it’s worth a serious look.

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