Ariens Mammoth 850 Stand-On Multi-Attachment Vehicle

Ariens Mammoth 850 Made For Winter

Ariens has launched the Mammoth 850 Stand-On Multi-Attachment Vehicle, the first of its kind from the manufacturer. Designed primarily for commercial landscapers, this multi-use snow beast not only clears snow, but it also performs a variety of other large-surface tasks quickly and easily as well. Between its powerful engine, four-wheel drive steering, and quick-connect attachment, the Mammoth 850 provides all the versatility you’ll likely need come winter.

Ariens Mammoth 850 Highlights

Ariens claims that the Mammoth 850 Multi-Attachment Vehicle boasts the best-in-class engine with a 28.5hp Kawasaki 850V-EFI. This engine sports Electronic Fuel Injection for reliable starting on the coldest days. It also features dual-canister filtration for consistent and reliable power delivery that automatically adjusts to the application at hand.

Ariens Multi-Attachment Vehicle

It also features four Parker DF-Series motors powered by a Parker HP2 Pump for four-wheel drive that really hustles at a top speed of 8 mph in forward. An Ogura 2.75 electric PTO clutch offers smooth acceleration.

Snowzilla Quick Attach System and Attachments

One of the big highlights of the Ariens Mammoth 850 Multi-Attachment Vehicle revolves around its versatility. The Snowzilla Quick-Attach System lets you swap attachments easily in as little as 30 seconds. This sealed, electric coupling system forgoes belts or hydraulics to reduce maintenance, as well as the time it takes to disconnect and connect attachments. Most of these are controlled and adjusted primarily via the electric joystick control for simple operation.

The compatible attachments include:

  • Snowblower heads: Ariens’ all-steel snowblower heads come in either a 36″ or 48″. They both feature a dual-hinge chute cap and can throw snow from 3′ to 60′. They offer 200º of chute rotation and feature a 16″ impeller, steel scraper blade, and pro-style skid shoes.
  • 48″ blade: This thick scraper blade pivots 30º to the left and right. And, because you adjust it via. the joystick, you gain a clear line of sight to the blade. It comes with a steel edge, though you do have the option of a poly-edge. Skid shoes also remain optional.
  • 44″ power brush: This power brush features a 20º rotation from right to left and a low-discharge height. Polymer bristle discs can be replaced easily as they wear out. A PTO with shaft collar make connecting this attachment easy.
  • Salt spreader: This stainless steel unit mounts to the back of the Ariens Mammoth 850 vehicle. It features 2.0cubic feet of capacity with an adjustable drop width of 30″, 33″, and 36″. The variable-speed digital control is located on the dashboard.
  • Brine spreader: Many landscapers have opted for brine as a pre-treatment for its reduced cost and ease of application. Ariens has designed their brine spreader attachment for rear mounting that matches the width of the Mammoth, ensuring a wide area of coverage from its 5 sprayer nozzles. It holds 20 gallons of brine and it includes a spray wand for spot treatment.

Other Features

  • Heated grips
  • Premium foam footpad
  • LED lights
  • Chute cap control
  • 22″ Kendra Terra Trac tires
  • 10-gallon fuel tank
  • 4 mph max reverse speed


You can find the Ariens Mammoth 850 Stand-On Multi-Attachment Vehicle at your local Ariens dealership, which you can find by clicking the button below. We’re seeing it advertised for around $16,999 for the base model without the attachments, which are sold separately. Those look like they retail for anywhere between $2,299 through $3,399, though you can get more firm information regarding pricing and warranty information by contacting an Ariens retailer.

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Eric Red

“Easy….30 second swap.” I’d like to hear your opinion on connecting the PTO shaft. From videos I’ve seen, it doesn’t look “easy.” I have one on the way and this is my only worry.

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