midwest cold hardy vegetables

Which Cold Hardy Vegetables Should You Plant in the Midwest?

Fall is an excellent time to squeeze a little bit more out of the growing season by planting cold hardy vegetables. In this Midwest fall planting guide, you’ll discover tips and tricks for fall planting, along with a list of the best cold hardy vegetables to try in your garden. Understanding Cold Hardy Vegetables The […]

how to overwinter perennials

How to Overwinter Perennials in Pots, Containers, or Beds

Northeast winters are long and harsh, and there’s a lot to do before the snow flies. Even though it might seem like you don’t have time for everything, it pays to take a day to winterize your herb garden and prepare perennials for winter. Learn how to overwinter perennials to enjoy healthy herbs in the […]

how to protect shrubs from winter burn

How to Protect Shrubs and Evergreens from Winter Burn

In the Northeastern United States, most amateur and professional gardeners have experienced the damaging effects of winter burn on their evergreen trees and shrubs. Learning how to protect shrubs from winter burn can help you avoid this common problem.  What is Winter Burn? When an evergreen tree or shrub loses more water than it can […]

when to apply pre emergent herbicide

Understanding Pre Emergent Herbicides: Your Ultimate Guide

Effective weed control requires a persistent, multifaceted approach, and pre-emergent herbicides play a significant role in successful weed control strategies. Discover when and how to apply pre-emergent herbicides as part of your ongoing lawn care plan. How Pre-emergent Herbicides Work It’s impossible to get rid of weeds in your yard completely. Weed seeds can lay […]

mulch costs

How Much Does Mulch Cost for Various Yard Sizes?

The average mulch cost is $35 to $70 per cubic yard, including delivery and installation. Because landscaping mulch is one of the quickest ways to upgrade the aesthetics of your property, it’s a worthwhile investment.  Factors in Calculating Mulch Costs Explore the various factors that influence the cost of mulch, from the type of mulch […]

coffee grounds for plants

Coffee Grounds for Plants and Gardens: A Beginner’s Guide

Everyone knows about the benefits of coffee for humans, but did you know that you can use coffee grounds for plants? Instead of throwing used coffee grounds in the trash, learn how to use them in your garden or compost and take advantage of their many benefits. Are Coffee Grounds Good for Plants? Coffee grounds […]

seeding grass in winter

Seeding Grass in Winter: A How-To Guide

If you missed the ideal time to plant your lawn, it’s not too late. Seeding grass in winter is a viable option for many climates. Discover the best techniques and grass varieties to successfully seed your lawn in the winter with these lawn care and maintenance tips.  When to Seed Grass in Winter You can […]

prepare your garden for winter

How to Prepare Your Garden for Winter: A Comprehensive Guide

As the autumn leaves begin to fall and the days become shorter, winter is fast approaching. This transition period offers gardeners a time to reflect on their successes from the summer, and also to prepare their gardens for winter. Proper winter garden preparation is not only about safeguarding your garden from frost and snow, but […]