April 21, 2021

The Kubota K008-3 Compact Excavator

Kubota K008-3

Available for the last few years, but interesting nonetheless, the Kubota K008-3 joins hydraulic excavating power with an adorable, compact frame.  The smallest of Kubota’s KX line, the K008-3 has a narrow enough track width and chassis that it can fit through a standard door frame. And, standing a diminutive 7’4″ with its roll bar extended, the Kubota Koo8-3 Compact Excavator can fit into just about any space you’d like. Perfect for small landscaping jobs and digging trenches for running utility lines, hence this teacup excavator might be the perfect rental solution for all your light duty excavating jobs.

Strong Like Bull, Dainty Like Princess

Kubota K008-3The Kubota K008-3 features a clean-running, fuel-efficient diesel engine. It offers low noise and vibration levels, as well as it complies with the EPA’s 2013 Tier IV emissions regulations. TPSS (two pattern selection system) allows the operator to use either ISO or SAE operating patterns.

Another great feature of this fetching little excavator includes well-protected hydraulic hoses. Kubota has hidden all of the hydraulic hoses within the boom and dipper arm. This should increase the service life. Speaking of servicing, engine maintenance should be light and breezy due to a full-open bonnet and redesigned engine layout.

Another great feature with this excavator revolves around the adjustable track and blade width. To enable passage through small gates and doorways, the operator can turn a single lever to turn this excavator’s already slim 2’10” width into a positively fabulous 2’4″ width. In addition, the K008-3 has an extended working range, and can dig a straight trench along any wall.

Kubota K008-3

 Final Thoughts

The Kubota K008-3 seems like a great solution to property improvement and landscaping projects. Irrigation installation, drainage projects, plumbing and electrical installations would all fall into its proverbial wheelhouse. With its tiny frame, this mini excavator could just about fit into your truck bed. With two different operating platforms, the controls ought to be familiar to anyone with any experience with excavators. And, they look simple enough to figure out even without much experience. The Kubota K008-3 can be rented through Home Depot.  If you decide that you want one of your own, then click here .

Kubota K008-3 Compact Excavator Features

  • Kubota K008-3Clean Running Kubota Engine
  • TPSS
  • Included Handy Toolbox
  • Straight Wall Trenching
  • Coolant Temperature Gauge
  • Improved Hose And Boom Cylinder Protection
  • Foldable Rops (Rollover Protective Structure)
  • Protected Bucket and Auxillary Hoses
  • Two-Speed Travel
  • Fast and Easy Maintenance
  • Comfortable Operator’s Seat
  • Spacious Operator’s Area
  • Swing Bracket Pin Bushings
  • Pedal-Operated Boom Swing
  • Wider Working Ranges
  • Adjustable Width Track Frame and Blade

Kubota K008-3 Compact Excavator Specs

  • Tracks: RubberKubota K008-3
  • Gross Engine Output: 10.3 Hp/2050 rpm
  • Engine Displacement: 44 cu. in.
  • Length: 9’0″
  • Height: 7″4″
  • Width: 2″10″/2’4″
  • Min. Ground Clearance: 5.9″
  • Hydraulic Pump Capacity: 5.55 gpm
  • Auxillary Hydraulic Flow: 5.55 gpm
  • Max. Breakout Force – Bucket: 2,200 lbs.
  • Max. Breakout Force – Arm: 1,010 lbs.
  • Travel Speed: 1.2 /2/5 mph
  • Max. Traction Force: 1695 lbs.
  • Tumbler Distance: 2″11″ ft. in.
  • Crawler Length: 4’0″ ft. in.
  • Shoe Width: 7.1″
  • Ground Contact Pressure: 3.55 psi
  • Unit Swing Speed: 8.3 rpm
  • Boom Swing Angles – Left/Right: 55°/60°
  • Blade Width: 2’4″/2″10″
  • Blade Height: 7.9″
  • Max. Lift Above Ground: 7.9″
  • Max. Drop Below Ground: 7.1″
  • Hydraulic Oil (Reservoir/System): 3.30/4.49 gpm
  • Fuel Reservoir: 3.17 gpm
  • Operating Weight (including 175 lb operator weight): 2200 lbs.

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