Kubota Compact Excavators | K008-5 and U10-5

Kubota Announces Two Small But Mighty Compact Excavators

The Kubota Tractor Corporation has two compact excavators joining the lineup. The K008-5 conventional tail swing excavator and U10-5 minimal tail swing excavator lead the Kubota 2022 product rollouts. The K008-5 replaces the previous K008-3 with a variety of upgrades. The U10-5 fills a need in the U Series minimal tail swing lineup.

What Kubota Has To Saw About the Compact Excavators

Our new excavators are ideal for tight, confined spaces, and with the U10-5 being a minimal tail swing model and both excavators featuring retractable tracks, they are ready to work in even the narrowest spaces on the job site. With the new K008-5 and U10-5, we now have a broad offering of 13 compact excavator models across the 1-to-8-ton weight classes, and now feature more flexibility among the conventional and minimal tail swing lines. All of our -5 generation models are solidly engineered and outfitted with more customization to keep customers working efficiently and comfortably.

Patrick Baker, Kubota construction equipment product manager

Lean, Mean Digging Machines

The Kubota Compact Excavators both offer single-level maneuverability with hydraulic adjustable track widths. These tracks can quickly retract to fit through tight spaces, like doorways, fence gates, inside buildings, hallways, elevators, and more. The K008-5 tracks adjust down to a 2 ft. 4 in. width, while the U10-5 contracts down to 2 ft. 6 in. When you want to widen the tracks, the excavator tracks can expand to 2 ft. 10 in. and 3 ft. 3 in., respectively.

In the case of the U10-5, Baker adds that, “the U10-5 provides superior flexibility when working in tight spaces with very minimal overhang at 0.6 of an inch over the tracks, ensuring excellent balance, stability, and fast operation. It truly is the ideal model for working in compact spaces.” 

Both of the Kubota compact excavators features wide working and digging ranges, despite their compact frames. The K008-5 has a working range that includes a digging depth of 5 ft 8 in. and a bucket breakout force 2,205 lbs. The U10-5 extends to a 5 ft. 11 in. digging depth with a bucket breakout force of 2,337 lbs.

The U10-5 features a hydraulic control system that offers smooth operation and an increase to digging productivity. It also comes with the same side lever joystick operational controls found on other Kubota excavators. Both models include clean, hose-free boom lines; the hydraulic hoses are hidden and protected inside the boom. This leads to less downtime.

Other Features

  • Heavier frames for better positioning
  • 2.5 mph travel speed
  • Easy operation with a two-speed travel pedal
  • Two-pattern control (ISO and SAE operational patterns)


You can expect the Kubota Compact Excavators to hit dealerships beginning this spring. To learn more about the line of Kubota Compact Excavators, or to find your closest Kubota dealer, click here .

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