March 7, 2021

Kubota Wheel Loader Line Adds New Models

R540 and R640 Feature Increased Lift Performance and Panoramic Views

Kubota recently announced plans to update its wheel loader lineup with the launch of the R540 and R640 models. These new editions will improve operator visibility with both canopy and cab options, offer enhanced comfort features, and increase the overall performance when compared to R30 Series loaders.

Kubota on the New Wheel Loader Models

Kubota dedicated a substantial amount of field research in the engineering upgrades that went into the new R540 and R640; they are built with operator comfort and productivity in mind. These new models have an incredible amount of space and power for a compact machine. Plus, with the enlarged front window and full-sized right-side window, they offer an unparalleled view of the worksite.

Patrick Baker, Kubota construction equipment product manager

Talking Points

Kubota has engineered the R540 and R640 Wheel Loaders to provide increased weight and lift performance. The R640 has an operating weight of 11,563 pounds, and featuring a 64hp Tier 4 final engine, delivers a max breakout force of 9,869 pounds. It has a lift capacity of 8,161 pounds.

Kubota Wheel Loader

Meanwhile, the R540 comes with a 54hp Tier 4 Final engine that delivers a maximum breakout force of 8,183 pounds and 6,767 pounds of lift capacity. It weighs in at 10,285 pounds.

Kubota has also improved the visibility and safety of operators with the updated Wheel Loaders. Cab models for the R540 and R640 models give operators an enlarged front window and an all-glass right-side window. This gives the user 360º visibility, as well as a better view of the front-right tire, helping with maneuverability.

Kubota has also redesigned the arms of the R540 and R640 Wheel Loaders. They offer better all-around visibility. When connecting attachments with the hydraulic coupler, operators can stay in the cab. Delta-shaped loader arms run parallel, narrowing at the cab and widening at the end, operators can see more when the bucket is lifted at full height.

Kubota Wheel Loader

The new Kubota Wheel Loaders also feature LED working lights, rather than halogen, improving visibility in lower light situations.

For improved comfort, Kubota has reconfigured the console, moving it off to the right to provide more leg room. A multi-function control lever controls forward, neutral, reverse, the differential lock, and the wheel loader auxiliary port. Keeping all major functions controllable with one hand makes operation quicker and easier.


You can expect the Kubota R540 and R640 Wheel Loaders to become available beginning in March of this year. You’ll be able to find them at your local Kubota delaership.

For more information, including where you can find your closest dealership, visit the Kubota website by clicking here .

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