Mean Green Mowers Vanquish Stand-On Mower

Mean Green mowers Vanquish

MGM Vanquish Stand-On Mower Joins Evolution Series

Mean Green Mowers announced the release of the Vanquish electric stand-on mower. Available in 52″ or 60″ cutting decks, the Mean Green Vanquish can run continuously at 11.5 mph for up to 7 hours. Plus, with the company’s ZTR technology, the Vanquish stand-on mower provides the power and performance equivalent of a 36 Hp gas mower to tackle all your commercial accounts.

10-Second Summary

  • Available in 52″ or 60″ cutting decks
  • Designed for max power; combines planetary gearing with electric hub motor tech
  • Constructed of a strong aluminum alloy for lightweight strength
  • CANbus communication system provides most efficient operation
  • Push-button deck lift system
  • Touch screen display
  • Two speed blade and drive speed settings let you pick most efficient or most powerful settings
  • Up to 15 acres/7-hour runtime per charge
  • 78 dB(A) SPL

Cut Smarter and Faster

Mean Green Mowers designed the Vanquish stand-on mower with maximum power in mind. It features the Impulse Drive System (IDS), a combination of planetary gearing with electric hub motor technology. The result is a mower with three times the power and weight capacity than the previous 60″ mower. It can maintain a forward speed of 11.5 mph even in thick grasses, competing with 36 Hp gas and deisel engines.

Mean Green mowers Vanquish

Mean Green constructs the Vanquish stand-on mower from a strong aluminum alloy. This provides the mower with plenty of strength while also cutting the overall weight. The benefit here is that less weight requires less power to move around, extending your runtime per charge.

Increasing the efficiency even further, the Mean Green Vanquish features the CANbus communication system, which allows all of the mowers components to communicate with each other to optimize the mower for efficient operation.

You can also select your own blade speed and drive speed settings via the touchscreen display for customized efficiency or power settings. The interactive touch screen display also lets you monitor the battery consumption and charge levels, as well as toggle the deck lift, and activate the push-button start-up.

Mean Green Vanquish

One of the major selling points of the Mean Green Vanquish revolves around its endurance. With the right battery configuration, this stand-on mower can run for up to 7 hours on a charge. Factoring in the speed at which this mower runs, that equals up to 15 acres of mowing per charge. And, what’s more, it runs at just 78 dB(A), opening you up to starting the workday earlier in the morning.

Mean Green Mowers, including the new Vanquish stand-on model, are available through their dealer network. To learn more about the Mean Green Mowers Vanquish Stand-On Mowers, including where to find your closest dealership, click here .

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