Toro 60V e24 and e26 Two-Stage Snow Blowers

Toro Flex-Force 60V Snow Blower Stands Up To Winter

Two new Toro 60V Power Max Snow Blower models borrow much from the existing two-stage gas model. The company is hoping consumers start planning ahead for those blustery winter months by grabbing a powerful and convenient battery-powered solution for clearing walkways, driveways, and patios. At first glance, both the Toro e24 snowblower and the Toro e26 snowblower look like compelling two-stage models for those looking to ditch gas.

Toro on the Power Max Snow Blower

A two-stage battery-powered snow blower that could deliver just as much power as a gas model, was once a pipe dream — then we developed the 60V Power Max two-stage snow blower. This unit is identical to Toro’s gas two-stage model in every way, except it packs its powerful punch with our Flex-Force Power System, the most powerful battery in its class.

Tom Werner, senior marketing manager at Toro

Two-Stage Tough and Ready to Deliver

Two 60V models sit in the Power Max mold, the Toro e24 snowblower and the Toro e26 snowblower. Toro tells us that these are the only battery-powered snow blowers that offer three battery ports. Why is this a big deal? Toro claims that two 7.5Ah 60V Flex-Force batteries can clear 30 parking spaces on a charge. This is solid, but as you might expect, adding a third battery gets you another 15 parking spots of runtime in up to ten inches of snow.

Toro e24 e26 60V snow blower third battery

The Toro e24 Power Max snowblower as well as the e26 were essentially built as carbon copies of the Toro gas model. These two-stage snow blowers showcase heavy-duty steel construction. The QuickStick chute control puts snow exactly where you want it, while handwarmers let you work in relative comfort.

Neither the e24 or e26 snow blowers require shear pins. They both feature a hardened gear and auger for years of durable snow pile domination. They can throw even heavy piles of snow up to 45 feet away. Additionally, Toro has engineered the 60V Power Max Snow Blower with an anti-clogging system.

e24 vs e26 Snow Blowers

Toro e24Toro e26
Clearing width24-in.26-in.
Pushbutton electric startYesYes
Tires15 x 4 in.15 x 4 in.
MotorBrushless DCBrushless DC
Batteries2 x 60V 6.0Ah batteries2 x 60V 7.5Ah batteries
Charge time (per battery)150 minutes180 minutes
Tool only model avail.NoYes
Throw distanceUp to 45 ft.Up to 45 ft.


Expect the Toro 60V Power Max Two-Stage Snow Blowers to start showing up in stores around the beginning of September. The e24 and e26 should both be available from your local Toro dealer as well as online. Home Depot is also a really viable option for many Toro products.

It looks like the e24 and e26 models will be available as a kit or a bare tool. As a kit, the e24 (24″) comes with two 6.0Ah batteries and two chargers (yeah, that seems kind of strange), and it should retail for $1,499.99. The e26 model comes with two 7.5Ah batteries and two chargers. It retails for $1,699.99. Toro warranties both Flex-Force Power Max Snow Blowers and their batteries for 3 years.

To learn more about the Flex-Force lineup, visit Toro by clicking here .

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