Ariat WorkHog XT BOA Boots Review

Ariat WorkHog XT BOA Boots Review
PTR Review
  • Pro Rating 9.6

Ariat makes everything from cowboy boots to traditional work boots and even casual wear. Crossing over a cowboy boot with and BOA technology creates something we hadn't seen before. If you favor western wear boots but you need the durability of a work boot, give the WorkHog XT BOA Work Boots a try.

Overall Score 9.6 (out of 10)

Ariat WorkHog XT BOA Work Boots Meld Cowboy-styling with Modern Tech

We’re always on the lookout for the best work boots, so we tend to pay attention to anything out of the ordinary. When I saw that the Ariat WorkHot XT cowboy-style boots feature a BOA Fit System, I couldn’t resist giving them a shot. I wanted to find out how this fastening system gave the Ariat WorkHog XT BOA Boots a leg-up on adjustability and comfort.


  • Super-comfortable heel
  • BOA Fit System lets you control the snugness
  • Excellent arch support
  • True-to-size fit
  • Hybrid “cowboy boot” look
  • Goodyear welt construction


  • Requires boot-cut jeans or work pants

Ariat WorkHog XT BOA Work Boots Overall Design

I have always had an appreciation for traditional cowboy boots for their unique design and inherent comfort. While several boot brands have merged this design into a work boot, Ariat’s long history of quality western boots helps make them a frontrunner over bootmakers without much western-wear design experience.

The Ariat WorkHog XT BOA work boots feature a soft-toe that’s very close to the design of a square-toe cowboy boot. They also add a ton of features that keep you comfortable on the jobsite.

Ariat WorkHog XT BOA Boots Build Quality

The high build quality of these boots is apparent on both the inside and the outside. We appreciate the Goodyear welt construction for its durability, water resistance, and longevity. The cement construction you’ll often find on mainstream work boots doesn’t hold up nearly as well. One thing to note is the break-in period required with a boot like this.


Ariat’s ATS Max technology uses a combination of around 8 layers to give you a truly comfortable wearing experience. Under your feet, there’s a moisture-wicking layer that uses Agion antimicrobial technology to help reduce odor. There’s also a gel-cushioned footbed that softens your foot’s impact with each step you take.

To reduce the pressure on your forefoot and add more cushioning to the heel, there’s the Smart Rebound layer. Ariat also employs a forked shank for added stability. An acid- and oil-resistant Duratread outsole encompasses the bottom, giving you the right amount of grip while you walk around dusty jobsite areas.

Duratread sole

We appreciate the traditional soft-toe cowboy boot look this boot has. It doesn’t create an overly large squared-off look that you’ll find on many steel-toe cowboy-style boots.

Ariat WorkHog XT stitching

The sides of these boots feature full-grain leather and a six-row stitched design. They come in only one color—Aged Bark. We think this color is a great choice if you could only choose one color for this style of boot.

Additional Design Features

  • Waterproof PRO construction with an impermeable barrier
  • Mesh lining
  • Removable Energy Max anti-fatigue insole
  • 90° heel


  • ASTM F2892-18 EH (electrical hazard) rated


I like the comfort of a wedge boot, which is what I usually wear. Something like the Keen Utility Cincinnati provides a greater surface contact area to better spread out your weight. Plus, the extra cushioning helps when working all day on hard surfaces like warehouse floors.

The Ariat ATS Max’s layers really make this a comfortable pair of boots. I like how the heel almost feels like I’m sinking into it while I’m walking. Ariat also nailed the arch support with these boots.

I wanted to give these boots my full attention, so I wore them over a period of several weeks to truly get a feel for them. I kept noticing just how well they fit my feet, no matter what I was doing. From standing on the hard shop floor, to running a mower, to driving—they felt extremely comfortable the whole time.

Ariat WorkHog XT BOA work boots review

Adjusting the BOA Fit System

These boots use the BOA Fit System that helps dial in the right fit for you. It tightens the area right above your midfoot. This area is right where most of the tendons in your foot are, so it’s important to achieve the right fit for maximum comfort. I found myself needing to slightly adjust the BOA Fit System after putting on the boot. I determined that the perfect fit for me consisted of a single 360-degree turn. Pulling the BOA dial out immediately releases it.

BOA cowboy boots adjustment

To customize these boots even further, you can add the removable Energy Max anti-fatigue insole.


The Ariat WorkHog XT BOA Boots range come in sizes ranging from 7 to 15, with both D and EE widths. This range should cover the majority of sizing needs.

Ariat WorkHog XT BOA Boots

I wear a size 9.5 in both work boots and shoes, and these boots run true to size. If you stick to the size you would normally wear, you shouldn’t run into any issues.

Ariat WorkHog XT BOA Boots Pricing

Taking into account the Goodyear welt construction, Ariat’s attention to detail, and excellent design, it’s easy to justify the ~$285 price tag. Along with the soft-toe boots, the Ariat WorkHog XT BOA Boots come in Carbon-Toe, Waterproof Carbon Toe, and a more traditional carbon-toe design with a rubberized toe cap.

The Bottom Line

We haven’t seen a boot company so seamlessly combine a work boot with a cowboy boot, while crossing it with BOA technology— until now. If you’re in the market for some new western wear boots but you need the durability of a work boot, we recommend trying these ones on for size.

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