Flex Stack Pack Tool Storage System Review

Flex Stack Pack

Flex Stack Pack Challenges Tool Storage System Hierarchy

You’re probably familiar with tool storage systems like Packout and TStak , but the Flex Stack Pack might just become your new favorite. We’ll break down this storage system so you can find out what it has to offer.

Flex Stack Pack Basic Design

Back to Basics

Flex Stack Pack

The lockable toolbox system isn’t a new idea, and many versions of it exist already. You take boxes with the same length and width and give them top and bottom connections, and voila. But it goes deeper than the simple storage and connectability when you look a little bit deeper.

It all starts with the design of the boxes themselves. Flex uses a durable plastic similar to what you would find in other popular stackable systems. You also get waterproof lids to keep the contents of your boxes clean and dry.

Each organizer box features an interior bucket that nests into the lid. This helps prevent your items from becoming loose and wandering around the box. The lid’s latches have a secure hold and recess on the back side to avoid pinching your fingers when you latch them.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the areas the Flex Stack Pack sets itself apart when you compare it to other brands.

Auto-Connect Interlocking Stack Security

Flex Stack Pack

Out of all the storage systems we’ve tried over the years, we think Flex’s stacking locks are the easiest to use. To stack the boxes, you just set one on the lid of the box below it and line them up. Then, it’s as easy as pressing it down to lock it into place.

To release, you simply push out on the locks until you hear a click. They also hold themselves open, so there’s no risk of catching a finger if you need to adjust your grip or grab the handles. When you remove the box, the locks immediately spring back into place for you to lock the box down again.

Additionally, the Flex Stack Pack features half-box interlocking. The Flex hybrid jobsite fan happens to fit perfectly with this design, which is convenient and probably not a coincidence!

Serious Weight Capacity

The combined weight capacity of the three Flex Stack Pack toolboxes that come in a set is 500 pounds. For reference, the Milwaukee Packout set holds up to 425 pounds, and the TStack set from DeWalt holds 470 pounds. Brands like Craftsman and Ridgid don’t even close, being rated at 150 pounds or less.

What The Flex Stack Pack Storage System Does Differently

Gas Strut Lids

Flex Stack Pack

The lids on the medium box and the rolling box feature gas strut lids, meaning you won’t have to hold the lid open while you go digging around in the boxes.

Bonus Storage

Why limit the storage area to just the insides of the boxes? Apparently, Flex was way ahead of us with this idea, since there are several exterior storage accessories for you to add on to your Stack Pack system, including:

  • Cord Wrap FS1605
  • Level Holder FS1602
  • Side (FS1604-2) and Front (FS1603) Attachment Racks
  • Battery Holders (connect to the Attachment Racks or inside some boxes) FS1601
  • Adjustable Charger Mounts FS1606-2 (interior only)
Flex Stack Pack

We’re especially excited about the attachment racks, which begs the question, ‘Why hasn’t this been done before?’ Tools with belt hooks can hang from them securely, which reduces the risk of the tools falling onto the ground and lessens ground storage in general. No one likes having to constantly bend down to grab their tools from the ground every time they need one. Flex took the idea of vertical exterior storage and ran with it.

Flex Stack Pack

The attachment racks are also compatible with battery holders. You can mount them on either the inside or the outside of the rolling and medium toolboxes. You simply slide them in place to store them inside, or pull the whole mount out and set it on the outside rail while you work.

Flex Stack Pack Case Connection

Along with the toolboxes, the Flex Stack Pack system also features cases that hold accessory sets. The cases can be housed on connection points inside the medium and rolling boxes’ lids.

What does take some getting used to is the minimalistic style of the case connections. One side is fixed and the other side features a spring-loaded button. It does hold securely, you simply set the fixed side into one slot and snap the spring-loaded side into the other. You also have multiple connection points, making it compatible with any size Stack Pack case.

Flex Stack Pack Storage System Pieces

Flex Stack Pack 3-in-1 Set

Rolling Tool Box (FS1101)

Flex Stack Pack
  • 9-inch all-terrain wheels
  • Sturdy telescoping handle
  • Removeable handle helps the box fit in a truck bed with the cover down
  • Gas struts
  • Case-compatible lid
  • 2 x Case-compatible plates on the rear wall
  • Double-sided hanging bin
  • Battery-holder compatible on both sides
  • 19 1/2 x 13-inch opening, 14-inch depth
  • IP65 ingress rating

Suitcase Tool Box (FS1103)

  • Sturdy side carry handle
  • 2 x covered bins
  • 2 x uncovered bins
  • Uncovered bins fit onto accessory rails
  • 6 x bin dividers
  • 19 1/2 x 13-inch opening, 5-inch depth
  • IP65 ingress rating

Medium Tool Box (FS1102)

Flex Stack Pack
  • Sturdy top carry handle
  • Gas struts
  • Case-compatible lid
  • Double-sided hanging bin
  • Battery-holder compatible on both sides
  • 19 1/2 x 13-inch opening, 9-inch depth
  • IP65 ingress rating

Flex Stack Pack Organizer Boxes

Organizer Box FS1301

  • Sturdy side carry handle
  • See-through lid
  • 4 x single section bins (removable)
  • 2 x double section bins with one divider (removable)
  • 2 x double section bins with two dividers (removable)
  • Lid nests onto bins to prevent item travel
  • Segmented middle section with two dividers (non-removable)
  • 17 1/2 x 13-inch opening, 3-inch depth
  • IP65 ingress rating

Medium Organizer Box (Half-Size) FS1302

Flex Stack Pack
  • Sturdy side carry handle
  • See-through lid
  • 2 x single section bins (removable)
  • 1 x double section bins with one divider (removable)
  • 1 x double section bins with two dividers (removable)
  • Lid nests onto bins to prevent item travel
  • 13 1/2 x 8-inch opening, 3-inch depth
  • IP65 ingress rating

Small Accessory Cases

  • 1-inch PH2 impact bit 20-pack FA101001-20
  • 2-inch PH2 impact bit 20-pack FA101002-20
  • 1-inch SQ2 impact bit 20-pack FA101003-20
  • 2-inch SQ2 impact bit 20-pack FA101004-20
  • 1-inch T25 impact bit 20-pack FA101005-20
  • 2-inch T25 impact bit 20-pack FA101006-20
  • 1-inch T30 impact bit 20-pack FA101007-20
  • 2-inch T30 impact bit 20-pack FA101008-20
  • 1-inch Allen and slotted impact bit 20-pack FA101009-20

Medium Accessory Cases

Flex Stack Pack
  • 45-piece impact bit set FAM10103-45
  • 10-piece carbide-tipped multi-material drill and drive set FAM10601-10
  • 3-piece wood auger bit set FAM10701-3
  • 29-piece driving bit set FAM10101-29
  • 31-piece drill and drive set FAM10001-31
  • 41-piece driving set FAM10102-41

Large Accessory Cases

  • 10-piece thin wall deep well 6-point 1/2-inch drive impact socket set FAM10401-10

Flex Stack Pack Storage System Price

At the time of writing, the only price available is for the 3-in-1 rolling toolbox set. You can find it at Lowe’s, Acme Tools, or your favorite Flex retailer for $279.

The Bottom Line

The more we looked into the Flex Stack Pack tool storage system, the more we liked it. With more premium features than you’d find in similar systems from other brands as well as basic improvements to the formula of stackable boxes, it leaves everyone else playing catch up.

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