Irish Setter Mudpaw Waterproof Shoe

Irish Setter Mudpaw Keeps Feet Dry When a Full Boot Isn’t Necessary

Ever wish you had a legitimately waterproof shoe for those times you don’t want to put on a waterproof boot? The Irish Setter Mudpaw answers the call with a couple of styles to choose from.

Irish Setter Mudpaw Shoe Design

The Mudpaw comes in two styles—a pull-on and a clog. Both are designed to be super-easy to put on and take off with neither laces nor straps hampering the process. Between the two, the pull-on is going to offer a more stable platform if you’re going to be stomping around very far.

Irish Setter Mudpaw Pull On

Despite the look, these aren’t water shoes that you want to wade through streams in. They don’t drain the way a water shoe does. Instead, these keep your feet from getting wet in the first place.

The limitations are obvious. Any water that gets over the top of the shoe is going to get in. In recognizing that, we begin to see its value. How many areas have you walked through after taking your boots off only to get your feet wet or muddy? Athletic shoes and sandals just aren’t a great option in those scenarios. The Irish Setter Mudpaw is.

Trekking from the truck to the mudroom or even just mowing grass on soggy soil are great environments for these shoes. And since they’re so easy to take on and off, they’re perfect for short trips in and out. Slip them on on your way out the door and slip them right back off when you get back.

Irish Setter Mudpaw Action

Additional Features

There’s more going on behind the 3.5 mm vulcanized rubber exterior than just water protection. Irish Setter includes their ScentBan on the nylon linings and removable polyurethane footbeds to help control odors. So far, so good in that department.

Irish Setter Mudpaw Lining

They also include TempSens technology. When you’re hot and your feet sweat, it pulls the moisture away and aids in cooling your feet as they dry. When it’s cold out, it helps hold onto your body heat to keep you warmer.

It’s already in the 90s here every day, so I put the TempSens to the test on the hot side. For a fully waterproof shoe that doesn’t have the breathability benefits of an athletic shoe, it does an admirable job of moving the moisture out. Compared to my water boots, it’s significantly better at keeping my feet cooler and drier. It’s still warmer than wearing a breathable athletic shoe or work boot, though.

Wearing Irish Setter Mudpaw Waterproof Shoes

I’m a big guy and hover a little over 200 pounds, plus my knees remind me that I’m over 40 years old frequently. That means I’m pretty picky about what I wear on my feet and where. Even though there’s an insole, these aren’t the kind of shoes you want to spend a lot of time on concrete and asphalt with. They’re not built with that kind of support. On grass and soil, it’s a much different experience and the shoes thrive there.

The outsole isn’t as soft as many work boots and athletic shoes, so they don’t have a great grip on hard surfaces. Going off-road, we found better security.

Irish Setter Mudpaw Tread

I wear a size 12.5, which almost no one carries, so I ordered and half size up and it was the right call. There was a little extra room, but not so much that my foot was sliding around. In our experience, these fit true to size.

The fit around my foot was certainly secure. However, there was some additional pressure over the top on my metatarsal. It was a little uncomfortable when I first put the shoe on but lessened as I moved around and now I hardly notice it at all. If you’re particularly sensitive to that, it’s something to keep in mind.

Irish Setter Mudpaw Top

Irish Setter Mudpaw Shoe Price

The Mudpaw clog is $89.99 and the pull-on runs $99.99 from your favorite Irish Setter retailer. If you order directly from Irish Setter, they’ll toss in free shipping on orders over $75 and returns are always free if you’re not completely satisfied.

The Bottom Line

Irish Setter Mudpaws are a great choice when you want a shoe you can pull on quickly that keeps your feet dry. They’re best for short treks and a nice supplement to your hunting/hiking boots when you’ve taken them off for the day.

Irish Setter Mudpaw Specifications

  • Fabric/Material: Vulcanized Rubber-3.5 mm Neoprene
  • Construction: Vulcanized
  • Footbed: Removable Polyurethane
  • Outsole: MudPaw – Gray
  • Last: ST-058
  • Lining: Nylon
  • Price: $89.99 – $99.99

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