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iQ Power Tools 16.5-inch Hard Material Blades

iQ Power Tools, maker of the iQTS244 dry cut tile saw , released two new 16.5-inch Hard Material Blades. These new blades work with their line of Dry-Cut Saws. The new iQ Arrayed Diamond Blades use a blend of diamond-to-metal powder ratio and concentration to let them cut efficiently through hard brick, hard concrete, and stone products. These saws work much differently than traditional cut off saws which require water.


iQ Power Tools 16.5″ Hard Material Blades

The Q-Drive 16.5-inch hard material blades come in two varieties:

iQ Power Tools Hard Brick Blades

  • Designed for hard brick and pavers
  • Speed (max): 3700 RPM
  • Arbor: Q-drive

iQ power tools hard brick blade

iQ Power Tools Hard Concrete Blades

  • Designed for hard concrete and pavers
  • Speed (max): 3700 RPM
  • Arbor: Q-drive

iQ power tools hard concrete blade

iQ Power Tools designed these new blades to deliver faster and more consistent cutting speeds. When one row of diamonds begins wearing out, a second row sits right behind, ready to start cutting.


Cool Cut Technology

iQ’s “Cool Cut Technology” works because it uses a special combination of diamond concentration, metal type, and flange thickness to cut cool while reducing vibration and movement. The resulting technology lets you cut without requiring water to cool the blade. iQ Power Tools Hard Material Blades, combined with the built-in vacuum on all iQ saws, stay cool during cutting. They all but eliminate warping and wandering. The blade even stays cool to the touch.

The vacuum system also removes cutting debris, so the blade avoids regrinding the same material. This further reduces friction and heat.

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