Milwaukee M12 Fuel Compact Hedge Trimmer

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Compact Hedge Trimmer

Milwaukee Releases One-Handed Compact Hedge Trimmer for Detail Work

I find it tough to use a full-size hedge trimmer for smaller bushes and when shaping. The Milwaukee M12 Fuel Compact Hedge Trimmer seems to address this with a one-handed 8-inch cutting solution. Our question had to do with the cutting speed and power—would Milwaukee sacrifice one or both with this tool?

Milwaukee Compact Hedge Trimmer 2533-21

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Compact Hedge Trimmer Overview

You may think this small compact hedge trimmer represents a way for Milwaukee to get something into the hands of consumers. Not exactly—though I know plenty of homeowners who might find it very useful. Rather, the Milwaukee M12 Fuel compact hedge trimmer has the professional landscaper in mind.

Note: The Milwaukee 2533-21 doesn’t have switchable blades to go between a hedge trimmer head and grass clipper head. Some other compact trimmers have this feature.

This mini hedge trimmer actually gets to a respectable blade speed, with a stroke rate of 2700 SPM. The brushless motor lets it cut branches as thick as 1/2-inch.

Milwaukee M12 Hedge Trimmer

We like the compactness of the Milwaukee one-handed hedge trimmer. It really lets you create controlled movements and designs when shaping bushes or plants. Compared to a full-size hedge trimmer, you get a lot of cutting capability with far less weight and bulk. For smaller, more detailed work (think potted plants), you’re likely to get better results with a tool like this.

It joins the M12 Fuel Hatchet as only the second M12 landscaping tool (as of Q2 2022). As Milwaukee expands the number of outdoor tools on their M12 and M12 FUEL line, we hope to see even more innovative landscaping products.

Additional Features

  • Tip guard
  • Lightweight design (3.6 pounds with battery) is great for one-hand use
  • Integrated battery gauge
Milwaukee 2533-21 kit

Milwaukee 2533-21 Price

The Milwaukee 2533-21 kit retails for $249 and includes a 4.0Ah 12V battery and charger. Currently, Milwaukee has no tool-only version, but that may change once more M12 outdoor tools get introduced. The compact hedge trimmer also carries a 3-year warranty.


  • Model: Milwaukee 2533-21
  • Blade length: 8-inches
  • Speed: 2,700 SPM
  • Weight (with battery): 3.6 lbs
  • Cut capacity (max): 1/2-inch
  • Warranty: 3-years

Check out Milwaukee’s entire OPE lineup here .

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