July 26, 2021

ASV Pushes Limits of Innovation For Heavy Equipment

ASV Gives Remote Control Tech a Test Run

ASV Holdings, Inc, a manufacturer known for compact track loaders and skid steers, has launched into the testing of remote control technology on its machines. The company had one of the test models on display recently, letting dealers get some hands-on experience with the new technology.

ASV on the Remote Control Testing

We’re seeing the market for this type of technology advance at a rapid rate and it’s important for us to stay on the forefront. Though there are no plans for its immediate use, our dealers enjoyed testing the remote-control technology.

Buck Storlie, ASV Holdings Inc. product line manager


ASV dealers had the chance to try out the remote control features with the ASV RT-120 Posi-Track Loader, the brand’s most powerful compact track loader. These dealers stood outside of the enclosed operating area, directing the machine through an obstacle course. They were able to test out the machine’s digging, hauling, and steering capabilities, all via remote control.

ASV’s interest in remote control technology revolves around the potential safety and convenience it could bring about for operators. Remote-controlled machines can complete tasks in difficult locations without putting the operator at risk, while also increasing efficiency by reducing the number of crew members involved. In this case, rather than having an operator and spotter on the scene, remote control technology allows the operator to fill both roles.

For the time being, the company has no immediate plans to incorporate the remote control technology into the existing product line. However, ASV will continue with testing with an eye to see how they can continue to push the boundaries of innovation.

To see the ASV Remote Control technology in action, click here .

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