Bobcat Expands Grounds Maintenance Equipment

Bobcat Debuts New Machines at 2021 GIE Expo

The annual GIE Expo is a fine time for manufacturers to connect with industry Pros and show off what lawn and turf products are planned to hit the market in the near future. For Bobcat, this year feels special as they’ve debuted a comprehensive grounds maintenance equipment lineup. This includes a mid-size walk-behind mower, some small articulated loaders, two more compact excavators, a Toolcat utility work machine, and more.

The 2021 GIE Expo runs from October 20-22 at the Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville. For those of you in attendance, Bobcat is located at #3052 indoors. You can also watch product demonstrations outside at sites #7506D and #7700D. For the first time, Bobcat has their T66 and T76 R-Series Compact Track Loaders and S64 R-Series Skid-Steer Loader on display. They’re also showing off the MaxControl app. This turns your smartphone into a control unit for the loader, letting you command machine functions and operate attachments from up to 300 feet away.

What Is Bobcat Saying About the Expanded Grounds Maintenance Equipment Line

We are excited to bring such a robust product lineup to the GIE+Expo 2021 show and have the opportunity to connect with turf professionals, landscape contractors and acreage owners across the country. The reliability, efficiency and never-quit attitude of Bobcat is a perfect match for the people who work tirelessly day after day to keep their operations running at optimum capacity.

Kelly Humble, senior marketing manager, product planning, at Doosan Bobcat North America

What Else Is On Display?

Bobcat Commercial Walk Behind Mowers

Bobcat has unveiled three commercial walk-behind mowers to the grounds maintenance equipment lineup, and these are on full display. These feature Kawasaki FS series engines, operator-friendly controls, and updated hydraulic transmissions. Bobcat believes that these new additions have the same durability and quality showcased in their zero-turn lineup, giving lawn contractors a reliable and rounded-out fleet to tackle any turf job.

Bobcat Utility Work Machine

The Bobcat UW56 Toolcat Utility Work Machine joins the line of grounds maintenance equipment by serving as a pickup, compact tractor loader, and work machine. You can pair this with any of the 45 available attachment configurations, increasing your versatility and productivity on any grounds maintenance or turf jobsite.

This latest model comes with redesigned all-LED lights for better visibility and durability. An enhanced drive response system provides smoother acceleration and deceleration. Plus, it automatically recalls drive response settings for better efficiency and more convenience. Additionally, Bobcat has improved the corrosion protection, as well as upping the comfort of the cab and designing an overhead dash with an integrated 5″ display.

Bobcat Compact Excavators

Bobcat has also unveiled the R-Series E32 and E35 compact excavators. These excavators have updated low-effort joysticks and a new hydraulic control valve for easier machine control. This control valve offers smooth controllability and natural, finite movement of the workgroup with better joystick feedback. Fast cycle times allow for more productive digging, level grading, and more.

Bobcat has designed these compact excavators to help you get more utilization for a variety of tasks. These machines now include an integrated lift eye, arm-mounted auxiliary couplers, and LED worklights. You can also opt in for a 7″ touch display, clamp with diverter valve, and a high-back heated seat with a headrest.

Bobcat Small Articulated Loaders

The L23 and L28 small articulated loaders, according to Bobcat, offer excellent lift capacity in a turf-friendly compact machine.

Not only can they lift heavy loads relative to their size, but they also deliver precise maneuverability. Thanks to an articulation joint, the rear tires of the loader match the path of the front tires as they turn. This results in a nimble loader that navigates around obstacles easily, working in enclosed yards and smaller work zones.

The L23 and L28 loaders also have a light overall footprint. This limits cuts and tears to finished surfaces when turning and hauling loads. It also makes them highly transportable.

Check Out Bobcat

The easiest way to check out the Bobcat Grounds Maintenance Equipment lineup in action is at this year’s GIE Expo. However, for those of us not able to attend, you can check out what Bobcat has to offer by clicking here . You can also visit your local Bobcat dealer where you can learn more.

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