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Cub Cadet Lawnual Report 2020

Cub Cadet Publishes Study on American Lawn Care Habits

According to Cub Cadet, there aren’t many spaces more sacred to Americans as their lawn. And, because Cub Cadet lives and breathes all things grass-related, they wanted to dig deeper into their understanding of the relationship homeowners have with their yards. After conducting a nationwide study, Cub Cadet has released these findings in the first annual Lawnual Report.


State of the Lawn Address

Cub Cadet surveyed 3,300 people, asking them 200 of the most important questions regarding their lawn care habits and preferences. The data was captured in an online quantitative study, and it provides over 24 million data points for the company to analyze. So, what type of information did Cub Cadet learn?

Only the most important findings have been covered in the Cub Cadet Lawnual Report. For instance, did you know what music gets Americans the most hyped up during a good mow session? What is America’s favorite post-mow beverage? What are today’s hottest fashion trends in the world of yardwork?


You can learn the answers to all these questions and more by checking out the Cub Cadet Lawnual Report for 2020 at the Cub Cadet website . While you’re there, check out some of the mowers and lawn care products that get them jazzed enough to find out, say, if men or women are more likely to listen to hip hop while they mow (spoiler alert: it’s women).

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