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Cub Cadet Offers Free Lawncare | COVID-19 Relief

Covid-19 Frontline Workers Can Qualify For Free Lawncare for a Month

Cub Cadet knows that our doctors, nurses, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, police officers, and firefighters have a lot going on in the midst of this pandemic. So, as a thank you to those folks fighting this virus on the frontlines, and to take one thing off their “to-do” list, Cub Cadet has partnered with TaskEasy to offer a free month of lawn care.


From Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet is inspired by the daily sacrifices made by our first responders and emergency health care professionals as they care for our communities. Through this simple gesture of providing lawn mowing, heroes can return home with one less task to do. We hope this service helps them and their families during a challenging time.

—Heidi Ketvertis, Vice President of Marketing, Cub Cadet

A Humanitarian Partnership

Cub Cadet has partnered with TaskEasy, an on-demand lawn care service that operates in over 12,000 cities, to offer first responders a month of free lawn mowing service. Cub Cadet will be donating the costs for TaskEasy contractors’ services up to $200,000.

This amounts to two cuts, one every other week. These two companies recognize that lawncare is essential, as it reduces the risk of wildfire from tall grasses, helps prevent pest infestations, and helps keep our homes in safe condition.


From TaskEasy

Helping thousands of first responders while providing additional work to our contractors really motivates our team. This pandemic has disrupted ordinary life for every American in ways big and small. Through this partnership, Cub Cadet and TaskEasy are doing as much good as we can for those who are putting it all on the line for us.

—Ken Davis, CEO and founder, TaskEasy

To apply for this free lawn service, please visit .

To learn more about Cub Cadet, click here . To find out more about TaskEasy and the services they provide, check out their website here .

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