Honda Stops Making Gas Lawn Mowers

Honda Stops Making Gas Lawn Mowers - Exits Market

In early October, Honda announced on the Honda dealer Interactive Network that it will stop making gas lawn mowers by September 2023. Honda will plan to sell its remaining inventory through 2024 until it sells out of stock.

COVID Effect or Something Else?

In March 2020, Honda Power Equipment suspended production at its Swepsonville, North Carolina plant through April 7th of the same year. Honda attributed this temporary shutdown to parts supply issues related to the economic impact of the pandemic.

That plant represents the company’s (and indeed one of the world’s) highest-producing plants. It has enough capacity to produce over 2 million Honda engines per year. At the same time, it also produces 500,000 finished products. That includes Honda lawn mowers, snow throwers, string trimmers, mini-tillers, and some of the best portable generators we’ve ever used.

Over the past 37 years, Honda has invested over $350 million in their North Carolina plant. In fact, 2020 saw the company announcing a $46.4 million expansion.

You might see why, just over two years later, this recent announcement caused a big stir in the industry.

The Statement from Honda Power Equipment

We don’t have a screenshot of the actual statement from Honda Power Equipment. However, the statement seems to originate from Honda Power Sports & Products and says the company plans to “discontinue production of lawn mowers at its North Carolina manufacturing facility in September 2023 and move all-terrain vehicle production there from its South Carolina facility.” Apparently, the Timmonsville, South Carolina plant will focus on Honda side-by-side (SxS) production.

“The decision to end lawn mower production is driven by market forces such as stricter environmental regulations, shifting customer preferences, and our focus on growing profitable products in our portfolio. Honda will continue to sell the remainder of its lawn and garden product line and industrial-type power products such as GX engines, generators, and water pumps, and continue to support its service and parts operations in the U.S. market.”

statement on Honda dealer Interactive Network
Honda Commercial gas lawn mower

What’s Next If Honda Stops Making Gas Lawn Mowers?

We love Honda mowers. When we reviewed the Honda HRC216 commercial lawn mower we thought it performed better than most gas mowers we had tested to-date. With Honda stopping the manufacture of lawn mowers, you can expect others to fill in the gap—provided legislation permits it. You can also bet Honda will shift resources to areas where its manufacturing skills continue to profit the company. ATVs and side-by-sides come to mind as does the production of electric vehicles like the Honda Prologue .

Pro Tool Reviews reached out to Honda Power Equipment for a statement and will update this article if and when we receive a response.

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Robert Faulkner

I just bought used 3011H riding mower . Can I still get Parts

Kenneth Smith

Looks like no more Honda products for me I won’t use electric mowers or automobiles



Terry Hill

I have long desired to own a Honda lawn care machine. That’s no longer the case.


bye falicia


So HONDA buys into the LIE,how much was the bribe?? Have these IDIOT ever thought of where the energy comes from to charge all these SO CALLED ENVIRONMENTALLY SAVING BATTERY comes from (COAL) COAL IS GOOD.People wake up its just another way of CONTROLLING THE PEOPLE!!! WAKE UP AND SMELL THE &^*% ROSES


I’ve used an electric mower on my TTTF, and it was ok, except in the spring. When the lawn would “wake” up, in the spring, the electric couldn’t handle it. It would constantly bogg down, and cut off at times. Also, the battery was drained after a half hour, on an hour long job. I only had one battery, so I’d have to wait 45 minutes or so, for it to charge back up. I went back to gas, and when my current mower konked out, I had planned to get a Honda GAS, as my next one. Oh well,… Read more »


Honda is the best.Im using them for 17 years.

Last edited 4 months ago by Milan
t morelli

Just read an article from epoch times. With everything going electronic the U.S. power grid will not be able to handle the demand. The EV people will be left stranded every time the grid shuts down. I think I’ll keep my gas mower and buy another before they are no longer produced.
Good luck Honda! You don’t see it coming!!!

Lawn guy

I own a lawn care service and Ive used the Honda weed eaters for the last two or three seasons now.I wondered why I couldn’t get an edger… I’m very disappointed they are falling victim to the LIE… Gas & diesel for me thank u… What are you going to do with the old batteries, won’t that put more pull on the grid? I think I’ll have a vehicle I can go more than 300 miles thank you … I’ll keep my F-250…where are you going to get the plastic to make the batteries and all the junk that goes… Read more »

Fred Dagg

Big mistake Honda! Go woke, go BROKE!


I’m done buying honda’s anyway, don’t matter.

Jim Calhoun

Honda needs to wake up. I got a Honda lawnmower for my business. Electric equipment harms our planet more than our fossil fuels. Cars and truck weight will be more ruining our roads your tires mileage is cut in two. Plus where are the bad batteries going to the dump? Honda please dont listen to the crazy Democrats. Keep building your lawnmowers and keep your name clean and good. Fossil fuels are here to stay and they are not going away. Hell to electric equipment. This lady down the street from me got a very small front yard. She got… Read more »

Tony Philip

This would have to be the most short sighted decision out of Honda yet!!
I love Battery technology in most cases but the power density requirements that mowing requires is not there yet plus the environmental cost of battery manufacture means any green point is overwhelmed by reality

Gary Petroschuk

I am going to buy a honda gas mower for Christmas.


I was so happy to have found my hrc216 late last summer, I grew up riding honda dirt bikes and love my eu2000 generators, this news has me so disgusting and disappointed I don’t even know how to feel. I think it’s a huge mistake for the company and such a kick in the gut to the customers

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