March 3, 2021

Doosan Bobcat Acquires Bobcat Mowers

Doosan Bobcat Acquires Bobcat Mowers

Doosan Bobcat has recently announced plans to take over the Bob-Cat mower business from Schiller Grounds Care, a landscaping equipment manufacturer based out of Southampton, PA.

The acquisition will see Doosan pay up to an estimated $82 million dollars, but the deal also includes taking ownership of Bobcat’s Steiner and Ryan brands.

“Mower is a must-have product to enhance our product competitiveness in the ground maintenance industry. And the acquisition will serve as an opportunity to accelerate business expansion in North America.”

—Scott Park, CEO and President of Doosan Bobcat

According to Doosan, the North American sales for zero-turn mowers falls at around $4.8 billion, with the last five years seeing growth at an average annual rate of around 7.8%. The company estimates that around 810,000 zero-turn mowers are sold each year in the US and Canada.

Scott Park continues, “We will focus on our capabilities to maximize synergy with existing products by rapidly expanding our business to light equipment markets through new products and channels.”

The transition in ownership, which will include Mower’s products and sales network, should wrap up by the end of the year.

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