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GreenPal Lawn Care Bidding: An Uber For Lawn Care

App-based businesses have taken off over the last 5 or 6 years, and it’s easy to see why. Take Uber, for instance. Rather than putting themselves at the mercy of the local cab company, which charges relatively high fees and can present logistical challenges, customers can log into their Uber account from their phone and contract a driver quickly and cheaply. Rates are typically lower, and customers can pay through the app so that cash does not need to enter into the equation. This business model offers a large customer base a more convenient and cost-effective solution to finding a ride across town.


GreenPal, a company based out of Denver, CO, has taken a page out of the app-based notebook, it seems. Billed as the Uber for lawn care, GreenPal offers an app that connects homeowners to local lawn care Pros.

GreenPalHow Does GreenPal Work?

After providing some information to GreenPal about their lawn and the level of service they’re looking for, customers can list their account on the app. Local lawn professionals can then present their best offers to the client, effectively entering into a system of lawn care bidding. This allows the customer to compare prices and services, choosing the lawn care service provider that works best for them.

After the customer settles on their GreenPal Pro, they’ll schedule a time for the work to be done. Their lawn care professional, after having completed the work, will email the customer a time-stamped photo of the lawn. The homeowner can then pay for services through the app, rate the services provided, and schedule another appointment.GreenPal

GreenPal launched in Denver earlier in July, and has received largely positive reviews so far. GreenPal co-founder Gene Caballero said recently, “After successfully launching in 30 other markets, we are excited to help homeowners in Denver find reliable, local lawn care.” While it remains to be seen how far the company plans to eventually extend its service, we look forward to seeing how this app-based lawn service pans out.


For more information about lawn care bidding through the Greenpal app, check out the company at




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