Kubota Zero Turn Mowers 2020 Zero Turn Mower Reviews

Kubota Launches 2020 Zero Turn Mowers

Kubota Has 5 New Z200 Residential Models Available Now

Kubota Tractor Corporation has expanded its residential zero turn mower offerings with the new Kubota Z200 Series, now available from your local Kubota dealership.

10-Second Summary

  • Kubota Z200 Series has Kawasaki, Kohler, and Briggs and Stratton engine options available
  • 42″, 48″, and 54″ deck options available
  • 3.6 and 4.3-gallon fuel tanks available
  • 10-gauge welded steel, 5″-deep decks
  • Available high-back, cushioned seats
  • 4-year/300-hour warranty on both the mower and the engine
  • Available now from your local Kubota dealership


What Is Kubota Saying About the New Lineup?

“The Kubota Z200 Series combines everything homeowners want in a residential zero-turn mower, combined with the engineering and durability customers expect from Kubota’s professional line of products. Our focus on durability led us to this next evolution of the Kubota residential zero-turn mower line. Thoughtful top to bottom features, from our new deluxe high-back seat to the deep and wide pully grooves in the deck, result in a machine that makes mowing both easy and fun for the operator.”

—Tom Vachal, senior turf product manager for Kubota

Mower Options In The Z200 Line

The Kubota Z200 series includes 5 models that run the gamut of deck sizes and engine options. With Kubota’s aim to bring durability and comfortability to the residential mower, along with a high-quality cut, the new lineup presents something for everyone.

The Z231KW comes with a 21.5 gross horsepower Kawasaki engine, ZT-2200 transmission, 3.6-gallon fuel tank, and a 42″ deck.

The Z231KH and Z251KH models offer 21 or 25 gross horsepower Kohler engines and 48″ and 54″ decks, respectively. The Z231BR and Z251BR come with either a 22 or 24 gross horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine. All four of these particular models feature commercial-grade ZT-3100 transmissions and 4.3-gallon fuel tanks. The Kohler models even feature LED headlights and full suspension seats.

Kubota constructs all of the Z200 Series’ mower decks from welded 10-gauge steel. They feature a 5″ deep design that, coupled with the mowers’ high blade tip speed, allows more airflow through the deck and enables a faster cut rate and even clipping discharge. The KH and BR models feature a mechanical one-push deck lift pedal and dial cam to allow for cut heights from 1.5″ to 4.5″ in half-inch increments.

Comfort Features

The Kubota Z200 Series focuses on ease of use that could even border on “fun.” The series introduces a deluxe, cushioned high-back seat with up to 6″ of horizontal adjustment. Kubota designed these mowers with a wide foot pan and plenty of legroom, along with multiple storage compartments. An ergonomic control panel and cupholders add to the overall mowing experience as well.

The Z200s feature a keyed ignition and manual choke controls, making the start-up process a simple one. The KH and BR models feature 22″, low-profile wide rear tires to reduce ground contact pressure and smooth out the ride on uneven terrain.



Kubota designed the Z200 Series with an eye on operator safety. These mowers have a low center of gravity, and just in case you manage to put that feature to the test, Kubota has included a ROPS system. The mowers include seatbelts too. A flexible spring-loaded plastic discharge shield and four safety interlocks add to the safety features.


Kubota covers the Z200 Series mowers with a comprehensive manufacturer warranty of four years or 300 hours on both the mower and the engine.

For more information about the Kubota Z200 Series mowers, or to find your closest dealer, visit Kubotausa.com .

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