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New Kubota Mowers Announced At GIE 2018

Tis the season for new product announcements in the world of outdoor power equipment, as many manufacturers often use the GIE+Expo in Louisville, KY as a chance to drop their new product developments on the public. We’ve had the chance to go the last few years, and it always presents a wealth of new information. Case in point: at this year’s GIE, we learned that Kubota has a few new zero turn and stand-on mower models in the works and ready to ship out next month. Here’s what we’ve learned about the new commercial Kubota mowers.


EFI Coming To Select Z700 Series Kubota Mowers

The company plans to roll out three new Z700 zero turn models that will feature electronic fuel injection. The Z751KWi (48″ deck), Z781KWi (54″ deck), and Z781KWTi (60″ deck) will join the Z700 Series lineup of professional Kubota mowers, and they will all feature a sophisticated EFI system designed to deliver optimal fuel efficiency without the loss of performance in challenging terrain.

These mowers will come equipped with Kawasaki EFI engines that combine a fully-integrated electronic governor, ECU control, and open-loop technology. The new Kubota mowers will also include low-profile 24″ tires for reduced ground pressure and tire roll. A 3.5″ LCD engine monitor and dial throttle will assist users in precise engine management. The new line of zero turn mowers will also feature a suspension seat, IP rated safety switches, 6.5″ no-flat caster tires, and a 12V outlet for charging battery-powered devices.

With these three new Kubota zero turn models, the Z700 lineup grows to nine in total. The new EFI models will ship to Kubota dealers in November.

“We introduced the Z700 Series five years ago and it has become a staple in many landscape fleets across the country. We are very excited to add three new EFI models to that line today, adding exceptional performance for challenging conditions.”

– Tom Vachal, Kubota senior turf product manager

Kubota SZ Series Offers Landscapers A Professional Stand-On Option

Kubota Mowers

Kubota also announced at GIE that their new lineup of SZ Series mowers, the company’s first commercial stand-on mowers, should roll out by January 2019. Vachal had this to say about Kubota’s first foray into the stand-on category:

“Entering the stand-on commercial mower category further exemplifies Kubota’s commitment to provide a complete line of turf products to their dealers, making Kubota dealers a true one-stop shop for turf professionals. The new SZ mowers feature generous operator platform that you can stand on, or flip up to walk behind in uneven terrain, giving these mowers optimal versatility.”

The SZ Series will consist of three models, the SZ19-36, SZ22-48, and SZ26-52. These new mowers, by virtue of their design, allow landscapers to mow narrower lots than a zero turn could.


These new Kubota mowers will come equipped with Kawasaki FX and FT EFI commercial engines, as well as hydro-gear transmissions. Because of the mowers’ low center of gravity, users will experience exceptional stability. Kubota also claims that, depending on the model, these mowers will reach top speeds up to 11 mph.

For more information about these new Kubota mowers, check out the Kubota website here.


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