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Should I Pursue a Landscaping Apprenticeship?

Landscape Management Apprenticeship Program Offers Candidates A Chance To Make A Living While Learning New Skills

About a month ago, the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) announced the launch of a new program, the Landscape Management Apprenticeship Program, designed to offer candidates an inroad to a successful longterm career via a paid apprenticeship with a Pro landscaping company.

10-Second Summary

  • The NALP has registered a landscaping apprenticeship with the Department of Labor
  • Apprentices get hands-on training from a professional mentor
  • Potential to earn college credit
  • Earn a steady paycheck from your first day
  • Opportunity to earn a higher salary as new skills are mastered
  • Apprenticeship offers candidates the educational opportunities to stay debt-free
  • Requires 2,000 hours on-the-job training and 144 classroom hours
  • Covers 17 common landscaping tasks, such as irrigation, installation, landscape maintenance
  • Completion earns the student nationally-recognized credentials


From The NALP…

“Across the country, the need for landscape professionals has far surpassed the availability of qualified candidates. We are thrilled to introduce our new apprenticeship program for recruiting and training top-tier talent in our industry. It offers job seekers an entry point into the landscape industry with the ability to earn while they learn. Apprentices will gain valuable hands-on training and the opportunity to learn and perfect the skills required to support families, communities, and the environment through careers as landscape professionals.”

-Missy Henriksen, vice president of public affairs at NALP

The Deets

The NALP, which represents almost 100,000 landscapers and industry Pros in the U.S., has already registered the landscaping apprenticeship program with the Department of Labor. This program offers students an opportunity to gain an education from a landscaping professional, along with hands-on experience in the field.  Additionally, students in the program will earn a paycheck while enrolled in the program, with the opportunity to earn raises as they master new skills.

Hiring a landscaper

The apprenticeship requires 2,000 hours of training in the field, along with a minimum of 144 hours of supplemental classroom hours. This classroom curriculum covers 17 subjects that any landscaping technician will need to know. Upon completion of the program, the apprentice gains a nationally-recognized certification.

Areas Covered in the Apprenticeship Program

landscaping apprenticeship

  • Lawn maintenance using a variety of products and tools
  • Planting, cultivation, and maintenance of flowers, shrubs, and trees
  • Blueprint analysis
  • Irrigation systems management
  • Low-voltage lighting systems management
  • Hardscape installation and care

This landscaping apprenticeship is open to any individuals 16 years old or older that have a high school diploma or equivalent. Applicants should have reliable transportation and should be physically capable of performing the work. Applicants must apply directly with the landscaping company directly. Contact the NALP to find participating landscapers.


Final Thoughts

If entering into a traditional four-year degree program is a terrifying prospect for you – and considering the current student loan epidemic our country is facing right now, maybe it should be – this landscaping apprenticeship program seems like a pretty cherry deal. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the landscaping industry will continue to grow through 2026, so there’s some solid job security on the other end of that apprenticeship as well. Getting paid to train, as well as launching into a career with some legitimate room for upward growth, seems like a no-brainer for those folks who love to work outdoors.

To learn more about the Landscape Management Apprenticeship Program, visit To apply for the program, contact the NALP to find participating landscapers.

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