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Trex Outdoor Fire and Water Collection

Trex Unveils Outdoor Fire Features, Planters, and Water Elements

Trex, known best for its stylish and durable composite decking, has announced the launch of Fire and Water, a collection of outdoor fire features, planters, and water elements. Though Trex designed the Outdoor Fire and Water pieces to tie in seamlessly to the Trex decking aesthetic, these accessories will look great with your preexisting landscaping and hardscaping as well.

10-Second Summary

  • Trex Outdoor Fire and Water Collection features attractive and low-maintenance hardscape accents for your outside spaces
  • Complements Trex composite decking
  • Includes fire pots, fire tables, planters, glass and rock fillers, spillways, and spillway bowls
  • Fully tig-welded seams by skilled craftsman
  • 1-year warranty; 3-year warranty on burners
  • Customize pieces with colored glass or natural lava rocks



The Trex Outdoor Fire and Water Collection features a variety of fire features to add some drama to your space’s look. You can place the fire pots just about anywhere. A single fire pot can create a lively focal point. Or, you can coordinate a few in series to create a dramatic boundary line.

Trex Outdoor Fire and Water

Meanwhile, Trex’s heirloom-quality fire tables can elevate your outdoor living space by providing some comforting heat to gather around along with adding a dramatic visual element that doesn’t require any cleanup after use. You can customize your particular look with a variety of colored glasses or lava rocks.

All of the Trex fire accessories feature a unique burner design that creates a natural-looking fire. Each piece has been fully tig-welded for tight seams. They include a one-year warranty on the piece with a 3-year warranty on the burner.


The Trex Outdoor Fire and Water Collection also includes spillways and spillway bowls to help you create your unique backyard oasis. Constructed from premium grade copper that won’t warp or bend, the spillways themselves build a natural patina over time that becomes unique to their environment. Trex will have five different styles available, all of which achieve different looks and create different water patterns.

Trex also offers spillway bowls to complement the fire pots. They maintain the same size and shape to create a seamless interplay between the fire and water elements of your space. Like the fire pots, the Trex spillway bowls feature fully tig-welded seams, come with a 1-year warranty, and can be customized using both colored glass or lava rocks.


The Outdoor Fire and Water Collection also offers planters that tie into the Trex aesthetic seamlessly. Depending on where you place them, they can create dramatic breaks in sightlines, accentuate an entrance, or just add a touch of pizzazz to the overall outdoor vibe you’ve cultivated.

Trex Outdoor Fire and Water

The Trex Outdoor Fire and Water planters have the same attention to detail paid to them as the rest of the series. Trex has fashioned these from either high-grade copper for that natural, patinaed look, or stainless steel. These planters come with a 1-year warranty.


For more information about the Trex Outdoor Fire and Watter Series of hardscape features and accents, including how to purchase, check them out at .

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