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Walls Bluff Vintage Quilted Vest

The winter months can be rough for working outdoors. Obviously, you have to dress for the occasion to make the whole experience tolerable, but big, bulky jackets can limit your movement. Lugging around your lawn equipment can prove to be cumbersome all on their own, but when you’ve got extra layers to contend with, working in the cold can get extra aggravating. And, if you’ve overdone it with the winter wear, a half an hour of huffing and puffing can work you up into a lather, and to the point that you want to rip off that coat anyway. That’s where the Walls Bluff Vintage Quilted Vest comes in.


Sleeves Are So Passé Anyway

The Walls Bluff Vest, aside from being handsome, makes a pretty solid case for itself for being your go-to piece of winter workwear. It’s tough, it’s warm, it’s comfortable, and it doesn’t have any sleeves getting in your way.

Walls Vintage Quilted Vest

This sanded cotton duck vest features a ripstop lining, as well as beefy zippers and snap buttons for added durability. Walls includes a fleece-lined collar and insulated handwarmer pockets, not to mention 6 oz of polyester insulation throughout. The end result is a vest that will keep me warm, and which I’m not too worried about being gentle with.

I feel like the sizing runs just a little bit on the large size, which I prefer anyway. Right now, my shoulders and chest are saying large, while my gut is starting to creep into XL territory. So, that little bit of extra space feels comfortable. Plus, more often than not, the Walls Bluff Vest will be working in conjunction with a sweatshirt, so that extra space might be necessary.

The Walls Bluff Vintage Quilted Vest retails for around $80,  and it can be found through the Walls website , or through other various online retailers.


Walls Bluff Vintage Quilted Vest Specs

  • Item Number: YE825
  • 100% sanded cotton duck
  • Durable Ripstop Lining
  • 6 oz. Polyester Insulation
  • Fleece-lined Neck
  • Hand Warmer Pockets
  • Rib Knit Waistband
  • MSRP: around $79

For more information about the Walls Bluff Vintage Quilted Vest, visit the Walls website here .




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Chris Driver

maybe so but for now im sweating