Saker Cordless Mini Chainsaw ‎SK1804DBT02-U-1

saker cordless mini chainsaw

Saker Merges Lightweight Design with Heavy-Duty Performance

Here at OPE Reviews, we work with a lot of chainsaws. They come in many sizes and serve a broad range of purposes. But the big ones can be intimidating. Moreover, they can involve a learning curve when you’re still acquiring chainsaw basics. The mini saws, on the other, are more manageable and require a bit less know-how. On top of that, they’re extremely useful for the lion’s share of homeowners in the market. A great example is the Saker Cordless Mini Chainsaw ‎(SK1804DBT02-U-1).

Let’s take a tour of its features and design. Maybe this is the model that best suits your tree and shrub maintenance needs.

Saker Cordless Mini Chainsaw Performance Features

saker 20v cordless mini chainsaw

Starting off with the heart of this tool, the SK1804DBT02-U-1 runs on a 20V (1.5Ah) lithium-ion battery. Now, if there’s one drawback to this unit, it’s the brushed motor. Brushless motors run smoother and are more efficient.

However, Saker added a number of other features that make this cordless mini chainsaw worth serious consideration.

For instance, there’s the weight. At just 2.5 pounds, this thing is beyond manageable. You have to remember, you’ll be using these tools with one hand, making cuts at awkward angles. What’s more, depending on how many of your trees or shrubs need pruning, work sessions may be long. The same goes for slicing and dicing limbs during storm cleanup.

Saker SK1804DBT02-U-1


  • Model: Saker SK1804DBT02-U-1
  • Battery: 20V (1.5Ah)
  • Brushed motor
  • Bar length: 4 in
  • Chain speed: 6 mps (19.7 fps)
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs (Wow!)

Indeed, Saker’s mini chainsaw is lighter than Stihl’s cordless model, the GTA 26, which comes in at a shade over 3 pounds. In fact, we think the weight alone is reason enough to consider this over its newer sibling, the ‎SK1806E-BL. We’ll get to that in a moment.

Yet, despite how light it is, the SK1804DBT02-U-1 can chew through branches at a speed of up to 6 meters per second (19.7 fps). And like the GTA 26, this unit has a 4-inch bar, which isn’t the longest mini chainsaw setup, but it’s more than capable of handling a host of tasks.

Saker SK1804DBT02-U-1 vs. SK1806E-BL

As we mentioned, Saker’s SK1804DBT02-U-1 is a cordless mini chainsaw that weighs a feathery 2.5 pounds and has a brushed motor, a 4-inch bar, and a chain speed of 6 mps.

The SK1806E-BL, on the other hand, has a brushless motor, a 6-inch bar, and a chain speed of 8 mps, but weighs over 6 pounds. That’s roughly double the weight of its predecessor, so it’s up to you to decide what matters more.

In our opinion, the SK1804DBT02-U-1’s weight is hard to ignore.

Saker Cordless Mini Chainsaw Kit

saker 4 inch cordless chainsaw kit SK1804DBT02-U-1

Something else we really like about the SK1804DBT02-U-1 is its comprehensive kit. Specifically, the Saker cordless mini chainsaw comes with two batteries, which enables you to extend the run time by rotating batteries.

Additionally, there’s a replacement chain, oil, and a wrench for adjusting the chain tension, all of which fit in a carrying case with the tool itself.

Saker SK1804DBT02-U-1 Price

The Saker SK1804DBT02-U-1 cordless mini chainsaw normally retails for $99.99. Meanwhile, the SK1806E-BL usually sells for $159.99.

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