Oregon SpeedCut Bar and Chain Cutting System

Oregon SpeedCut Bar and Chain Cutting System

Oregon SpeedCut Bar and Chain Cutting System Improves Cutting Speed and Decreases Weight

Oregon has announced the new SpeedCut Bar and Chain Cutting System that will be available in 2016. The system combines Oregon’s new .325-inch pitch narrow kerf saw chain and SpeedCut laminated guide bars. The redesigned cutter shape gives higher cutting efficiency and durability while the precision grind technology ensures the SpeedCut saw chain’s sharpness and readiness any time. Oregon is telling us to expect 10% faster cutting than narrow kerf with .325-inch pitch saw chain.

The SpeedCut System will debut next year, and it can be purchased together – a guide bar and saw chain combo pack, and is also available separately. The guide bar family will be available in five lengths, from 13 inches up to 20 inches. The Oregon SpeedCut saw chains can be purchased in a variety of loop lengths or in bulk reels at Oregon authorized dealers. For guide bar and saw chain compatibility check for the narrow kerf icon on product packaging.

“Professionals have trusted Oregon’s guide bars and saw chain for nearly 70 years, but we’re always looking for new ways to offer an even better cutting experience. We designed every aspect of the SpeedCut System with the end user in mind. Designed to meet the demands of professional users, the lighter and faster SpeedCut System helps our customers accomplish more on the job.”

– Derek Vlcko, director of product marketing for Oregon forestry products

Oregon SpeedCut Bar and Chain Cutting System Key Features

  • 0.325″ pitch narrow kerf saw chain
  • 10% improved cutting speed
  • Aerospace inspired bonding technology results in stiffer, stronger guide bar
  • Aluminum core reduces weight up to 20%
  • Redesigned nose and bar nails improve durability

Oregon SpeedCut Bar and Chain Cutting System Lengths

  • 13-inch bar
  • 15-inch bar
  • 16-inch bar
  • 18-inch bar
  • Oregon SpeedCut Saw Chain is available in a variety of lengths or in bulk reels

For more information about this guide bar and chain cutting system visit Oregon SpeedCut System !

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