Breeo X Series Fire Pits

Breeo Fire Pits

Over the last decade, fire pits have dominated much of the outdoor leisure market. A report from the American Society of Landscape Architects said it all. In 2016, this survey ranked fire pits in the top ten backyard projects with a 75% consumer demand. And, today, that figure is doubtless higher, especially when you account for the vast selection of portable iterations like Breeo’s X Series fire pits.

So, if you’re thinking about joining the legions of outdoor fireside enthusiasts, you’ll want to read this.

Breeo X Series Fire Pits Features and Design

breeo x series fire pits

There are several performance and design features that define the fire pits in Breeo’s X Series. Let’s start with, perhaps, the line’s most distinctive offering.

Each of the three models in the X Series is smokeless. Foremost, this makes it possible to enjoy a wood fire ambiance without burning your eyes (or choking your neighbors).

Curious about the different types of fire pits and their costs? Our guide will help!


  • Models: Breeo X19P, X24P, X30P
  • Available widths: 19″, 24″, 30″
  • Material: 304 stainless and Corten steel
  • Weight: X19P–47 lbs; X24P–62 lbs; X30P–94 lbs
  • Made in the USA
breeo smokeless fire pit design diagram
1. X Airflow System; 2. Double Wall Technology; 3. Secondary Combustion.

You’re probably wondering how a smokeless fire is even possible. Well, Breeo builds fire pits that create optimal airflow and, subsequently, hotter flames.

More specifically, each fire pit in the Breeo X Series comes equipped with the brand’s proprietary X Airflow system. A raised vent situated at the bottom of the unit, this opening helps feed the fire oxygen, even through heavy ash buildup.

Furthermore, Breeo incorporated a double wall design that promotes convection. Ultimately, heated oxygen exits this double wall through holes in the rim, causing secondary combustion that burns off smoke.

Pretty cool, right?

Breeo Fire Pit Uses

grilling with breeo fire pit

The X Series fire pits seem to offer solutions for just about any lifestyle and setting.

For example, each model in this line should work well as an ambient centerpiece for casual gatherings on the patio or by the pool. Moreover, Breeo tells us that they’re also great for camp-style, live-fire cooking, using a host of the brand’s grilling accessories (sold separately).

Apparently, the X24P can grill over 40 burgers at once!

Breeo X Series Fire Pits Prices

The Breeo X Series consists of three bowl widths:

  • 19″ X19P, $399
  • 24″ X24P, $599
  • 30″ X30P, $1,399

Breeo backs their fire pits with a non-transferrable lifetime workmanship and material defect warranty, as well as a 5-year guarantee against rust.

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