March 2, 2021

Heated DeWalt Jacket

Heated DeWalt Jacket

Winter is pretty much upon us at this point. And, if you haven’t figured out any sort of personal heating solution for when you need to spend some time outside, we have a suggestion: the Heated DeWalt Jacket. It gets real warm real fast, has solid insulation, and is comparably priced to other heated jackets on the market.

Heated DeWalt Jacket Features

  • 5 heating zones, including upper arms, left and right chest, and upper back
  • Durable wind and water resistant insulated woven outer shell
  • Warm fleece lining
  • Smooth finish sleeve lining for easy on/off. Will not stick to your sweater
  • 5 pockets: left and right waist, 1 external accessory pocket and 2 internal accessory pockets
  • Expandable battery pocket

DeWalt Brings The Hotness

Because of our recent Best Heated Jacket Shootout over on the PTR website, we had the opportunity to play with quite a few heated jackets. Each had its own strengths, and what we learned about DeWalt’s model is that heating coverage and reaching the max temperature quickly are both priorities that you can expect from Yellow.

The Heated DeWalt Jacket has 5 heating zones that cover the left and right chest, upper back, and both upper arms. Temperatures reach 131° within a couple minutes, and because of the fleece lining and durable construction, the jacket retains heat pretty well.

Heated DeWalt Jacket

The fit, though accurately stated through the sizing chart from the website , runs pretty tight against the skin. Of course, this proximity to the body helps the heating elements to do their job efficiently, but it’s best to be aware; you might want to move up a size if you like your outerwear to fit a little looser.

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Heated DeWalt JacketPricing

Heated jackets don’t tend to come cheap, and there’s probably a few good reasons for that. Quality materials will improve durability, and quality designs will not only provide protection from the elements, but they will also protect you from getting zapped the first time you catch a little rain.

The Heated DeWalt Jacket, with a 20V Max battery and fast-charger, will set you back about $225. It comes with DeWalt’s 1-year limited warranty, 1-year free service agreement, and 90-day money back guarantee.

Heated DeWalt Jacket Specs

  • Model Number: DCHJ060ABD1
  • Voltage 20V Max
  • Snow Cuffs: Yes
  • Heating Zones: 5
  • Weight: 3.64 lbs
  • Battery & Charger Included: Yes
  • Insulated: Yes
  • Hooded: No
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Warranty: 1-Year
  • MSRP: $224.99

To see how the Heated DeWalt Jacket performed in our recent Heated Jacket Shootout, head over to .




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