Duramax Dual Fuel Generator

duramax dual fuel generator

In the age of battery power, fuel isn’t going the way of the Dodo bird. Nonetheless, it tends to have an outmoded feel to it. Of course, this is more of a comparative essence than it is a physical reality. But enough with the philosophy here. The fact of the matter is that we generally associate battery power with convenience and flexibility. However, in the world of generators, there are units that provide liquid-fuel options. Take, for instance, the Duramax Dual Fuel Generator (XP10000DX).

Indeed, this 10,000-watt portable model made our Best Generator Reviews list. Here’s a rundown of the features and design that landed it there.

Duramax Dual Fuel Generator Performance Features

duramax dual fuel generator XP10000DX

To start with, at the heart of the XP10000DX is an 18-horse power engine that offers 10,000 watts on startup and 8,500 watts when running. That’s not bad. After all, you have to remember that manufacturers don’t design portable generators to power everything you have. Leave that to stationary, whole-house models.

Instead, generators like the Duramax Dual Fuel feed the essentials during outages, camping trips, and construction projects. That said, we’ll move on to the crux of this tool–its dual fuel capability.

The XP10000DX enables you to use either gas or propane, which is especially helpful in emergency situations when gasoline may not be readily available. It’s also important to point out that propane burns exceptionally cleaner than gasoline, which is an added bonus.


  • Model: Duramax XP10000DX
  • Engine: 18 HP, 439cc
  • Wattage: 10,000 (startup), 8500 (running)
  • Runtime: 10.4 hrs (half load)
  • Fuel: Gas/Propane
  • Weight: 220 lbs

And while we liked a lot of things about this generator, its most appealing aspect is runtime. With a half load, you can run the XP10000DX for a respectable 10.4 hours. That’s about 2 hours longer than its more expensive sibling, the XP10200DX.

And, yes, the latter generator yields more power, but not enough to outweigh the time you get out of Duramax’s 10,000-watt dual fuel.

Duramax Dual Fuel Generator Design

duramax dual fuel portable generator

In terms of design, Duramax worked some note-worthy elements into the XP10000DX. For one, they rightfully cover the safety angle by way of a CO alert that automatically turns off the generator when it detects high carbon monoxide levels.

Moreover, this thing is sturdy with its all-metal construction. Likewise, we like the push-button start (we’re not fans of pulling the cord).

And, finally, we think Duramax did a decent job on the control panel, which enhances your ability to monitor the generator.

Duramax XP10000DX Price

The Duramax Dual Fuel Generator sells for $1,299. In fact, the price played a role in landing it on the best-of list. It comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

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