June 16, 2021

Husqvarna and Sugihara/Diatop Develop Next-Gen Chainsaw Bars

HUsqvarna 450 Chainsaw

Husqvarna has taken another step in further improving its chainsaw offerings. Through a partnership with Ugihara/Diatop Co Ltd, Husqvarna now offers the X-Tough Light chainsaw bars. Both teams have come together to design a lightweight bar that offers exceptional durability and cutting performance.

Husqvarna on the Sugihara Partnership

We are very excited to finally announce our partnership with Sugihara. Their ability to produce the best chainsaw bars is well recognized in the industry. Our mission is to offer our customers the best cutting system possible and these new bars are a vital part in that. With these new lightweight bars, our customers get another addition to the complete cutting system we offer with Husqvarna chainsaws, chains, and bars.

Gent Simmons, Global Portfolio Director for Tree Professional at Husqvarna

What is the X-Tough Light Bar?

The Husqvarna/Sugihara X-Tough Light Chainsaw Bar features a solid body with hard resin inserts that drop the overall weight, making it easy to maneuver. These special inserts also beef up the bar to ensure higher productivity and straighter cuts. The nose of the bar also features a sprocket to improve the performance even further.

The X-Tough Light Chainsaw Bar also features a three-rivet RSN mount and an optimized oil hole that improves the reliability and performance of the bar over the course of a full day. All of these features, coupled with the rail hardness, extend the time between service intervals.

X-Tough Light Bar Options

Look for the fruit of the Husqvarna/Sugihara partnership to start showing up in stores beginning in July. The X-Tough Light chainsaw bars are 3/8″ and come in lengths up to 36″. Husqvarna has designed them to work with 60cc chainsaws (with a large bar mount) and up.

For more information, including details about key specifications, features, and capabilities, please visit www.husqvarna.com .

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