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Keyfit Tools’ Paver Pullers

Pull Pavers With Ease

For removing, resetting, or replacing pavers, these Paver Pullers from Keyfit Tools should tackle the job without unsettling any surrounding pavers. It borrows its design from the prybar, but its shrunk-down size makes it ideal for this particular hardscaping application.

10-Second Summary

  • Designed for pulling pavers, blocks, and bricks locked in by edging or other pavers
  • Pulls up pavers with minimal disturbance to the surrounding pavers
  • Made from heat-treated and tempered stainless steel
  • 2-piece set aids in raising sunken pavers set with sand and polymeric joint sand
  • Price: $28.95


How Do Paver Pullers Work?

The concept put into place here is pretty simple. To pull up your busted, unsettled, loose, or otherwise janky paver, simply use the straight end of the paver puller to gently pry all four sides of the block away from the surrounding pavers. This will leave you enough of a gap to work the leverage bar into the resulting spaces. Then you can use the Paver Pullers on the opposite ends of the block to work it up and out.

Essentially, the Keyfit Tools’ Paver Pullers operate like mini pry bars. They’re each 7″ x 1″, which is not only small enough to fit into your back pocket, but causes a minimal amount of disturbance when inserted between pavers.

You can use the Paver Pullers on any paver or block that’s been set with sand or polymeric sand.  Keyfit does advise, however, that these tools won’t work with pavers that have been permanently set to each other or to the base with adhesive or concrete.


Keyfit constructs these tools from heat-treated and tempered stainless steel. They come packaged as a 2-piece set that will run you $28.95 .

For more information about Keyfit Tools Paver Pullers or any of the other landscaping tools they have on offer, visit .

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