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Foamstream: A Safer Alternative to Weed Management

Quit the Herbicides, Control Your Weeds

With the amount of toxicity surrounding the potentially harmful effects of herbicides, specifically those that center around glyphosate, wouldn’t it be nice to have an undeniably eco-friendly and effective alternative to weed control? As of now, over 18,000 court cases are waiting to go to trial over the possible eco-hazard that is today’s weed management solution. After all, effective as glyphosate is, the jury still seems to be out over whether or not it will cause you to grow a third eye eventually. Weedingtech, a company based out of England, thinks the safer alternative would be to take the, well, safer alternative with Foamstream.

What is Foamstream? Weedingtech claims it’s leading the alternative sector as the go-to herbicide-free solution to eliminating unwanted vegetation for municipalities and green-space contractors around the world. They claim that it’s safer, more effective, cheaper, multi-functional, and proven.

10-Second Summary

  • Foamstream leads the alternative sector because:
    • it can be used in any weather conditions, on any surface, around people, animals, and waterways
    • requires the fewest number of treatment cycles
    • it’s 33% cheaper than using glyphosate and weed whacking
    • it can be used for a variety of applications from weed control to street cleaning and sanitation
    • it’s a proven solution that’s used by over 400 clients across the world


How Does It Work?

Foamstream is a spray that uses a combination of heat and foam to damage and, eventually, kill unwanted plants. The heat is applied via a low-pressure hot water bath and kept in place with an insulating foam.

The longer a plant is kept in the “135°F and above” temperature range, the more damaging. Rather than losing temperature immediately to the atmosphere, the foam insulates the plant and holds in the heat. From there, the heat can penetrate the waxy outer layer of the plant and travel down the root to the stem. This process will either damage the plant or kill it altogether.

The foam is completely biodegradable and safe for people, pets, and waterways. Weedingtech has two foam varieties available. The Foamstream V4 blend is made from a combination of ingredients including wheat, maize, coconut oil, rapeseed oil, and potatoes. The Foamstream Plus blend is made from olive oil.

A variety of spray lances allow Foamstream to be used in a variety of different applications. You can use Foamstream for weed control, chewing gum removal, power washing, and general sanitation.

Foamstream Talking Points

The main claim to fame here is that Foamstream is an herbicide-free solution for controlling unwanted vegetation, sanitizing, and cleaning. Because it doesn’t use potentially harmful materials, we can pick out a few benefits to the system.

For one thing, you can use Foamstream in all weather conditions, on any surface, any time of the year. This allows for better, more reliable planning of labor resources, as well as reducing costs associated with downtime.

Speaking of reducing costs, fewer treatment cycles are needed with Foamstream. In addition to killing the plant, this thermal method also sterilizes any surrounding seeds and spores that haven’t yet germinated.

Because Foamstream avoids using any actual hazardous materials, it doesn’t require any ongoing operator certification, training, or protective clothing. You can spray it around people and animals. You can even use it around bodies of water without fear of contaminating the water table.

The results are instantly visible as well. Because the foam makes a pretty good indication of where you’ve sprayed, there’s no guesswork associated with what you’ve covered already. Plus, the heat wilts away the plant, providing another visual cue.


A Proven Solution

Right now, over 400 clients across four continents use Foamstream. In the U.S. alone, it’s being used in New York City parks, various school districts, and a number of cities around the country. As of now, it looks like there 7 different Foamstream distributors in the States, with more to come as the brand picks up more steam in the US.

The Weedingtech Foamstream system was showcased at this past GIE+Expo in Lousiville, KY. For more information about Weedingtech and the Foamstream system, click here .

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