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Husqvarna Autonomous Operation to Tackle Large Areas

Husqvarna Moves Forward with Autonomy and Connectivity

We recently reported on Husqvarna’s EPOS Technology that uses satellite navigation to provide real-time positioning accuracy. It’s a big step forward for the brand’s work in the world of autonomous mowing, but it’s also apparently only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Building on this new bit of tech, they’ve also announced that they’ve begun testing with the Husqvarna Autonomous Operation for use in maintaining large green spaces.


Safety and Efficiency

The new system is designed to improve productivity, work environment, and workspace safety, as some of the big challenges surrounding large green spaces (solar parks and airports, for instance) revolve around unsafe or challenging conditions. With the Husqvarna Autonomous Operation system at work, Pros can mow and maintain those large spaces efficiently and safely.

“Built on our 25-year legacy in robotic lawnmowing – Husqvarna Autonomous Operation emphasizes our determination to consistently lead through innovation. Robotics and autonomous solutions will play a major role in the future of green space management and Husqvarna Autonomous Operation is just one example of how innovations can improve professional lawn care.”

-Sascha Menges, President, Husqvarna Division

Husqvarna Autonomous Operation relies on EPOS technology to provide real-time positioning accuracy of 2-3 centimeters. With EPOS, the mowers can navigate themselves within and between work areas using virtual boundaries set by satellite navigation.

Accuracy is important, but operational safety is a big part of the Husqvarna pitch here as well. Because this system enables remote, computerized control of the machines, the Autonomous Operation system minimizes the risk of human error. It offers object analysis and collision avoidance based on information coming from independent sensors, cameras, radar, and ultrasonic tech. Plus, the system gives the operator the capability of overriding the presets to maneuver the mowers with a hands-on remote.


Current Testing and What’s on the Horizon

The Husqvarna Autonomous Operation is currently being tested at Jönköping Airport and Örnsköldsvik Airport in Sweden using hybrid Rider mowers. The company plans to expand its testing to include Swedavia Vehicle at Bromma Airport.

Additionally, Husqvarna has recently invested in Norwegian Yeti Snow Technology, a supplier of self-operating snow removal machines specifically designed for airport use. Combining this tech with mowing solutions opens up airports for all sorts of automated field operations.

“Satellite technology opens up new possibilities for our industry and gives us the opportunity to offer our customers new solutions. This end-to-end solution will further benefit our professional customers by increasing productivity and enabling safe and more efficient green space management in large, hard to reach, areas. Also, the hybrid propulsion used in the pilots can contribute to a decrease in the overall environmental impact for green space management.”

-Adam Tengblad, Director of Autonomous Systems at Husqvarna

Husqvarna plans to further test the Automated Operation throughout 2020 and make it fully available as an end-to-end solution for select markets by 2021.

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