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Husqvarna Expands Automower Technology with EPOS

Virtual Boundaries Abound for Husqvarna’s Pro Automowers

We have some experience with Husqvarna robotic mowers and our overall experience has been really positive. Granted, the model we reviewed fell on the entry-level side of the Husqvarna robotic mower catalog, but we found it reliable, easy to use, and willing to take on some challenging lawn and weather conditions. However, the lack of GPS support didn’t go unnoticed.

Husqvarna Automowers Improved with EPOS

Well, Husqvarna has announced that they’ve fixed this issue with the expansion of their robotic mower tech. The Husqvarna EPOS technology is a highly precise satellite navigation system that creates virtual boundaries for professional robotic mowers. It delivers accuracy of up to 1.18″, eliminating the need for hardwired boundary markers in your lawn.


The Husqvarna EPOS increases the flexibility of how the robotic mower can be utilized. Virtual boundaries can be changed quickly, allowing Pros to meet the needs of changing green spaces, like sports fields and public spaces. The EPOS system even addresses some of the more challenging situations, like passing over hard surfaces or areas which are often remodeled.

This is, of course, just one more step in the Husqvarna robotic mower evolution. Earlier this year, they released their first robotic mower to feature All-Wheel Drive. This innovation allowed both residential and professional users to cover those previously difficult-to-manage inclines (up to 35°).

This type of steady technological advancement is driving the robotic mower further into the professional marketplace. As Sascha Menges, President, Husqvarna Division, stated:

“Robotics and autonomous solutions will play a major role in the future of green space managementWe are committed to continuously improving professional green space management and Husqvarna EPOS is a technological breakthrough in Husqvarna’s robotic mowing that will further accelerate the adaptation of robotics in professional lawn care. “


Husqvarna robotic mowers equipped with EPOS technology also integrate with Husqvarna Fleet Services, a digital fleet system that makes the management of large lawns and green spaces simpler and more efficient than ever before.

When Will Husqvarna EPOS Be Released To The World?

Look for the Husqvarna EPOS system to hit the brand’s profession robotic mower lines in the U.S., France, Germany, and Sweden beginning in 2020.

For more information about the company and its line of professional and residential lawn equipment, visit .


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