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StoneDeks System: Transform Wood Decks to StoneDeks

Throw Stone and Pavers Just About Anywhere with StoneDeks

Have you ever dreamt of using stone for an elevated deck, but felt limited by technology? With the StoneDeks System, a structural system that supports stone or pavers on elevated floors, now hardscape professionals can get in on their share of the $7 billion decking industry. StoneDeks can be used for decks, docks, 2nd story balconies, porches, gazebos, pedestrian walkways, raised patios, or any other elevated surface. Over 1 million square feet of the StoneDeks system has already been installed across North America, opening up new avenues of business opportunity for hardscape Pros.


What is StoneDeks?

This system provides a sturdy, all-weather subflooring that can support the weight of concrete, porcelain, brick pavers, travertine, and granite. It uses SilcaGrate, a system of interlocking 2 sq.ft. honeycomb-like grids that fasten to floor joists with standard deck crews.  They can be cut to whatever size or shape you need, allowing you to build or refinish a deck with stonework.

The SilcaGrate, made from recycled material and engineered for strength, works in conjunction with a variety of other accessories. A rubber SilcaMat lays between the SilcaGrate and your flooring to deaden sound and reduce paver movement while still allowing moisture to drain through it. It resists mold, bacteria, and fungi, and it’s extremely stable in all climates.


The StoneDeks System also includes SilcaSpacers that fit with various types of stone, porcelain, and pavers, as well as the SilcaGrates.


StoneDeks also now includes a Silca Soilgrid. This product allows you to build stronger hardscapes in-ground. The Silca Soilgrid stabilizes the base material, cuts excavation in half, and eliminates the heaving and settling of pavers that tend to occur with traditional hardscapes. Plus, with the Silca Soilgrid, you can seamlessly blend your elevated decking and stairs to complete your outdoor living space.

Final Thoughts

The StoneDeks System seems like a big win in our books. Not only do stone and concrete pavers look great, but they’re exponentially easier to clean than your traditional deck. And, they’ll keep looking good for years with a minimal amount of upkeep.


We particularly like that the StoneDeks System makes it possible to throw some pavers or tile onto elevated surfaces, like a second-story porch floor or an elevated, multi-level back patio. Plus, with the Silca Soilgrid, transitioning to brick or tile on the ground level not only looks great, but your inground hardscaping avoids the settlement issues that can come with pavers.

Ultimately, the StoneDeks system looks like a stable, eco-friendly, low maintenance option for adding value to your home with low-maintenance hardscaping. If you’re in the market for sprucing up your outdoor areas, it’s probably worth looking into the StoneDeks system.

For more information about the StoneDeks System, click here .

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