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Oregon SpeedCut Nano Cutting System

Oregon Designs Cutting System for Battery-Powered and Lightweight Gas Chainsaws

Oregon has engineered the SpeedCut Nano from the ground up, the express purpose of optimizing your small chainsaw’s performance and efficiency. Whether using a battery-powered model or a compact gas-powered model (20-38 cc), Oregon’s SpeedCut Nano Cutting System looks to improve every aspect of your chainsaw’s performance.

10-Second Summary

• Oregon SpeedCut Nano Cutting System
• Increased speed
• Longer runtime
• Smooth cuts
• Less stalling
• LubriTec Lubrication System


Purpose-Built For Small Saws

Making saw chains for small powerheads once required adapting a chassis designed for larger model saws. The SpeedCut Nano does away with this old model of chainsaw design by tailor-making this .325″ Low Profile cutting system for small saws. The benefits of this are many.

For one thing, you’ll see increased speed. The SpeedCut Nano uses a patented shape that Oregon has designed to max out the cutting speed and letting the saw take on bigger projects. Oregon’s multi-axis factory grind creates a razor-sharp edge to give you optimal cutting performance straight out of the box.

You’ll also experience smoother cutting. The SpeedCut Nano enters your work surface cleanly and pulls itself through the cut, eliminating cutting chatter. it features Oregon’s Micro-Chisel cutter design, which stays sharp while providing precision surface quality.


You’ll also see longer run times. SpeedCut Nano’s design increases your saw’s cutting efficiency by up to 15%. And, because Oregon designed this system for the specific power range of battery and compact saws, you’ll experience less stalling mid-cut.

Finally, the SpeedCut Nano features the LubriTec Lubrication System. This keeps your guide bar and saw chain oiled up for less friction and longer life.

For more information about the Oregon SpeedCut Nano Cutting System, visit the Oregon website by clicking here .

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