Blackstone 1550 Griddle Grill Heats Up Outings

Blackstone 1550 Griddle Grill

Grilling has become more than a cooking necessity or a culinary avocation by the pool or on the patio. It’s an all-American pastime and one that we’ve worked into popular activities like camping and tailgating. So, the folks at Blackstone put their heads together and came up with a tailor-made solution–the Blackstone 1550 Griddle Grill.

Blackstone 1550 Griddle Grill Features

Blackstone designed the 1550 On the Go specifically for those who haunt the campground or hit the stadium parking lot before a game.

It has a 17″ griddle along with a 17″ grill box. These two cooking areas operate as independently controlled cooking zones and put out a total of 30,500 BTUs.

1550 fold-up griddle grill

To break that figure down, you get a 12,000 BTU stainless-steel H burner, along with an 18,500 BTU round burner.

In total, this griddle grill combo will feed two to four people, according to the manufacturer.

But at the heart of the Blackstone 1550 Griddle Grill is the scissor-action “Roll & Go” leg design. This feature enables you to quickly unload and unfold the unit (and vice versa).

blackstone on the go griddle grill

The 17″ Griddle

This isn’t the first Blackstone griddle OPE has written up. We’ve had a strong reader response to the Culinary Omnivore Griddle Grill. So, the idea of cooking just about anything you want outdoors seems to be a popular one.

Like the Omnivore, the 1550 brings traditional kitchen stove foods to your patio or tailgate.

For instance, Blackstone tells us the griddle has room for diner-style entrées like 9 pancakes or 12 eggs.

The 17″ Grill

As for the 17″ grill box, it comes with a pre-seasoned cast iron grate. Furthermore, this side of the 1550 Griddle Grill can do a fair amount of cooking, according to Blackstone.

That includes such carnivore classics as 9 burgers or 4 steaks.

Blackstone 1550 Griddle Grill Design

blackstone 1550

In terms of design, this model has a number of features.

First, it sports updated control knobs and classically styled painted hoods.

What’s more, it has electric ignition, along with a side shelf and rear grease management system.

Blackstone 1550 Price

The 1550 retails for $449.99. Moreover, it comes with a 1-year warranty.

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