ECHO PB-770 Backpack Blowers

Echo’s PB-770H and PB-770T Offer Options for Trigger-Fingers

ECHO is known for a wide range of OPE, but their bread and butter is leaf blowers. In fact, they’re pioneers, especially considering their claim to have created the world’s first backpack blower , the PB-9. Almost 50 years later, their PB models are still going strong, which brings us to the ECHO PB-770 Backpack Blowers.

Echo PB-770 Backpack blowers

A while back, we extensively reviewed the PB-770T, but if you didn’t know that there’s also an H model, then it’s worth a refresher tour of the pair. The ECHO PB-770 Backpack Blowers have an array of features, including a choice of trigger locations.

You can shoot from the hip or use a tube-mounted trigger. (Yes, we know that the hip-mounted model features more of a lever, but we couldn’t resist the reference.)


So, let’s take a look at what the performance and design features of the PB-770H and PB-770T will offer during those “high-noon” landscaping showdowns (we’re talking Tombstone here).

ECHO PB-770 Backpack Blowers Performance

  • Models: PB-770H and PB-770T
  • Series: ECHO X
  • Fuel type: Gas
  • Motor: 2-stroke 63.3 cc professional-grade engine
  • Triggers: Hip and Tube Mounted
  • Airflow: 756 CFM at 234 MPH

Starting off with performance, the central focus is power.

Both of the ECHO PB-770 Backpack Blowers have identical specs, equipped with 2-stroke 63.3 cc professional-grade engines that deliver a max force clocked at 756 CFM at 234 MPH.

When designing these models, ECHO considered control and operator preference.

Naturally, shoulder-bearing units like the ECHO PB-770H and PB-770T increase maneuverability, and they also lessen the wrist and arm fatigue you sometimes experience with handhelds. ECHO moreover seized on the potential benefits of a choice in trigger locations–namely tuning throttle action to the operator’s needs.

PB-770 features

ECHO PB-770 Backpack Blowers Design

  • Weight: 24.5 lbs (770H), 24.3 lbs. (770T)
  • Side mounted dual-stage air filtration system
  • Large-capacity fuel tank
  • Padded shoulder straps and backrest
  • Vented back pad

As for design features, ECHO focuses on product lifespan and comfort. For example, they say that the dual-stage air filter reduces engine strain, which could help it last longer.

What’s more, they’ve thrown in padded shoulder straps and a vented back pad to ease discomfort. Having tested and used backpack blowers extensively, we at OPE Reviews really appreciate venting that helps cool your back while working.

ECHO PB-770 Price

Each of these models is at a price point and performance level that should suit consumers, prosumers, and perhaps professionals. The PB-770H and PB-770T retail for $529.99 and furthermore come with a 5-year consumer warranty.

Editor’s Note: Other X Series backpack blowers that offer a choice in trigger locations include the PB-580H and 580T and the PB-9010H and 9010T.

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