Honda Self-Driving Four-Wheeler Unveiled at Word of Concrete

HONDA AWV self-driving four-wheeler

Honda Set To Showcase Prototype AWV at Upcoming WoC Event

Honda plans to showcase its new prototype off-road vehicle at the upcoming World of Concrete Event in Las Vegas. In a stroke of creative inspiration, Honda has dubbed this concept the Autonomous Work Vehicle. It combines advanced autonomous technology with the company’s all-terrain vehicle. Honda has designed the AWV to enhance the efficiency and safety of commercial and consumer enterprises, such as construction, search and rescue operations, firefighting, and agriculture.

10-Second Summary

  • Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle
  • Aimed at utility in commercial and consumer applications, such as construction, search and rescue, firefighting, and agriculture
  • Based on Honda’s ATV chassis
  • Four-wheel drive
  • GPS and sensor-based autonomy guides unit in almost any environment
  • Rail accessory mount system
  • Onboard power plugins
  • Currently still in R&D phase, though Honda has enlisted partners to beta-test and develop attachments
  • See the Honda AWV self-driving four-wheeler in action at World of Concrete 2020 in Las Vegas between February 4-7

A Self-Driving Four-Wheeler

The Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle uses the brand’s ATV chassis and four-wheel-drive system. This prototype features GPS and sensor-based autonomy capable of driving the unit in just about any environment, a rail accessory mount system for accessories and attachments, and onboard power plugins.

HONDA AWV self-driving four-wheeler

Because of its compact size and off-road capabilities, this self-driving four-wheeler is highly maneuverable and an ideal choice for a variety of terrains from construction sites to urban pedestrian zones to wooded areas. The Honda AWV can be programmed in different modes and patterns to accommodate a range of applications.

Honda introduced the Autonomous Work Vehicle in 2018. Since then, the company has worked with a variety of partners to beta-test and evaluate it in an array of applications ranging from a large-scale solar operations company, wildland firefighting, and an agricultural research facility.

HONDA AWV self-driving four-wheeler

Honda Research and Development engineers continue to develop the Autonomous Work Vehicle to expand its usage in potential applications in real-world settings.

Showing Off at World of Concrete

Honda will show off the new self-driving four-wheeler at the World of Concrete 2020 Event from February 4-7. You can find them located at booth #031200. The company will not only look to the general public for feedback but will also look to enlist autonomy technology and sensor developers to further improve the platform’s off-road tech.

For those who won’t make it out to Vegas this year, you can still see Honda’s self-driving four-wheeler in action by clicking here .

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