September 19, 2021

Tracker OX400 Utility Vehicle

Tracker OX400 Joins Line of Value-Focused ATV, Side-By-Side, and Sport Carts

Tracker, historically known for their boats but becoming increasingly known also for their off-road vehicles, has just announced a new edition to their ever-growing lineup of ATVs and UTVs. The Tracker OX400 utility vehicle has been designed with farmers, ranchers, and park maintenance workers in mind, and you can pick one up for less than you probably think.

Tracker OX400 Key Features

  • 13.5 hp, 401 cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine
  • Overhead valve
  • Pressurized oil system, spin-on oil filter
  • Internal counter-rotating balance shaft
  • Closed-loop electronic fuel injection
  • Electronic inductive spark ignition
  • Replaceable dry cartridge air cleaner
  • Electrical Starter/Generator, solid-state regulator, 12 Volt maintenance free HD battery (700 CCA, 95-minute reserve)
  • Automatic, continuously variable transmission (CVT)
  • Dual rear wheel mechanical self-adjusting drum brakes. Single point park brake release with self-compensating system
  • Transaxle differential with helical gears, ground speed governor, forward/reverse
  • Roto-molded cross-linked polyethylene cargo bed. Lifts for access to powertrain. Removable hinged tailgate

Tracker OX400 Talking Points


The Tracker OX400 is a small, but sturdy, 2-seater work utility vehicle that sports a 13.5 hp, 4-cycle, 401cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine built within a welded steel frame. With its 12 cu-ft rotomolded bed, lifted suspension, and aggressive tire tread, Tracker promises that the OX400 has the sort of no-nonsense approach to hauling and towing that should suit anyone that has a hard day ahead of them.

So, what does this look like in really practical terms? The Tracker OX400 has a top speed of around 16.5 mph with a hauling capacity of up to 900 lbs (bedload, 500 lbs). It can also tow up to 1200 lbs, making it a great fit for work around the farm, ranch, or park.


While that kind of performance sounds pretty good, perhaps the hallmark characteristic of the Tracker OX400 actually revolves around the price. Tracker has a “No Haggle, No Hassle” pricing policy, which means that the OX400 will run you the same low price of $5799 whether you’re buying it at Bass Pro Shop, Cabela’s, or any other authorized power sports dealer. This price doesn’t include freight costs, but even those are relatively minor at anywhere between $300 to $375.

Our Canadian friends even have access to some of this sweet Tracker action. The OX400 retails for CAD $7699 plus freight, which runs anywhere between CAD $550 to $675, depending on your geographical location.

No matter where you wind up purchasing the Tracker OX400, it comes with a 24-month warranty.

For more information about the Tracker OX400, or any other ATV or UTV in the Tracker lineup, click here .

Tracker OX400 Utility Vehicle Specs

  • Length: 119″
  • Width: 51.5″
  • Wheelbase: 77.5″
  • Ground Clearance at Differential: 7″
  • Bed Dimensions: 44″ x 39″ x 12″
  • Power Source: 401cc single cylinder, 4-stroke, gas
  • Fuel System: Closed-loop EFI
  • Horsepower: 13.5 hp
  • Lubrication: Pressurized oil system
  • Cooling System: Air cooled
  • Fuel Capacity: 6.65 gallon
  • Drivetrain: Continuously Variable Transmission
  • Gear Selection: Forward/reverse
  • Seating Capacity: 2-passenger
  • Curb Weight: 1,072 lbs
  • Load Capacity: 900 lbs
  • Tow Capacity: 1200 lbs
  • Speed: 16.5 mph +/- 0.5 mph
  • Warranty: 24-month
  • Price: $5,799 plus freight ($300 – $375 depending on geographical zone)

For a full list of the manufacturer’s specs, visit .

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Gerrit Blankevoort

It can tow up to 1200 Labs? Dang that’s a lot of dogs. Isn’t it amazing how you can look at something 100 times and not see the mistake? Lol. Good article though.


Does it have brake lights and a 12v accessorie port


Does the ox 400 have brake lights and a 12 v accessories plug

Carol K Tullos

In this day and age you would think that any vehicle would have a 12v accessory port & usb plug!!
The Tracker 0X400 does not show one on their spec sheet as shown above by Chris.


is it not 4×4

Jason Braswell

has anyone driven one yet and put it to a test?


I had to listen to the video a couple of times just to make sure I heard it correctly. According to the guy in the video this vehicle has a transmission just like the Toyota Prius.? The Toyota Prius has two motor generators that charge the batteries and move the vehicle. It has no transmission and definitely not a CVT transmission. How is this one similar to a Prius?

Randy G Sorick

My 80 year old mother has one but she wants steps installed. Do they have a kit for this model or do I need to just buy steps and modify them ?


Is the ox400 a 4×4

Kudzu Emerson

Yes, it’s two wheel drive. Yes it has brake lights, and 12 volt accessory. It’s build in the GEORGIA, USA by American workers who take pride in their work. If you look at one, you can tell that it’s build tough. I have one and I have a Chinese made utv that nobody can work on and I had to wait 10 weeks on parts. All tracker locations can work on the ox400. So your homework…..

Jackie Hern

I have an OX 400 that I bought at Christmas. I bought mainly to use around the property picking up limbs, moving things around, etc. When I use it during the day and am getting on and off a number of times, it will go dead and won’t start again until put on battery charger. I took back to dealership but they said battery stayed fully charged while they had it for two weeks and they had no issues. Basically implied I didn’t know what I was talking about – even asked if I was turning the key off each… Read more »


Is this 2wd or 4wd

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