Husqvarna 550iBTX Battery-Powered Backpack Blower

Husqvarna 550iBTX Blower Offers Power Without the Noise

Going green has been a big part of the Husqvarna playbook, and at the most recent GIE+Expo, we got to see the brand embrace the battery-powered market even further. The Husqvarna 550iBTX backpack blower brings plenty of power and runtime to your commercial accounts but does it without the noise, fumes, and mess of gas engines.

10-Second Summary

  • Blow Force: 21N
  • Features a brushless motor
  • Intuitive keypad works even with gloves on
  • Ventilated harness includes wide shoulder straps and hip belt
  • IPx4 rating
  • High capacity backpack battery
  • Continuous boost mode and cruise control
  • Price: $449

Key Talking Points

The Husqvarna 550iBTX can move some air, especially for a battery-powered blower. With its integrated system and high capacity battery, the 550iBTX fires off 21N worth of force at 120 mph.

It features an intuitive keypad on the throttle that lets you switch operating modes as well as check the battery status. The buttons on the keypad are large enough that even gloved hands shouldn’t have a problem with changing between continuous boost mode and cruise control.

Husqvarna also had the commercial landscaper in mind with the design. The 550iBTX includes a harness with thick shoulder straps that make all-day work more comfortable. Hip straps also help at redistributing the weight from your shoulders to your midsection. At the operator’s ear, the 550iBTX measures in a73 dB(A), a marked upgrade on a gas blower.

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The Husqvarna 550iBTX Backpack Blower retails for $449 from your local Husqvarna dealer. it comes with a 2-year commercial warranty.

Husqvarna 550iBTX Specs

  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Tube Diameter: 2.8″
  • Tube Length: 16.29″
  • Sound Power Level Measured: 93 dB(A)
  • Sound Pressure Level at Operator’s Ear: 73 dB(A)
  • Air Speed: 120 mph
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Price: $449

For more information about Husqvarna products in general, or to locate your nearest Husqvarna dealership, click here .

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