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Black and Decker 3-in-1 Compact Mower

Why Buy 3 Tools When 1 Will Do The Job?

Small lawn owners rejoice! The Black and Decker Compact Mower has all of what you need to take care of a diminutive lawn without hassling you with gas, fumes, and maintenance. Plus, with its ability to tackle mowing, string trimming, and edging, you don’t have to sweat finding the space to store three different lawn tools.

10-Second Summary

  • 3-in-1 design: tackles mowing, string trimming, and edging
  • 12″ cutting swath with .065″ line
  • 9.9 lbs
  • Adjustable cutting height
  • Automatic Feed Spool ensures continuous work without having to bump your spool or stop and adjust it
  • PowerDrive Transmission prevents overload in thicker grasses and weeds
  • MSRP: for the cordless model, or for the corded version


Talking Points

The Black and Decker Compact Mower is a 3-in-1 lawn machine. Basically, when you use it with its wheel base, it functions as a lightweight lawnmower. Pull it out of its base, and you’ve got yourself a string trimmer. Turn it on over on its side, and now you’re in edger town. It will excel with small lawns and inclines and just generally places that are difficult to cut with a standard mower.

That’s because it is, essentially, a glorified string trimmer. It uses .065″ trimmer line to do its cutting, and it features B+D’s Automatic Feed Spool System. AFS allows you to continuously work without having to bump the spool or stop and adjust it. It also features a PowerDrive Transmission, which prevents your 9.9 lb minimower from bogging down in the thick stuff.

The Black and Decker compact mower has a 12″ cutting swath and and adjustable height adjustment on the cutting deck. When you’re done with the mowing and want to get to the trimming and edging, the business end of the mower disconnects easily from the deck, at which point you can use it more in the traditional way that a string trimmer gets used. The handle pivots for max comfort and control.


The Black and Decker 3-in-1 Compact Mower comes in two flavors. One is a cordless model that operates on the brand’s 20V Max battery platform. It retails for . If you don’t mind using extension cords and enjoy saving a little money too, you also have the option of going corded. This model runs .

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Who Is This For?

It probably seems obvious that this is the sort of lawn tool that has a very particular niche: the homeowner that has a minimal amount of lawn to keep up with. Considering its really just a string trimmer with a wheeled base, it really isn’t intended to “mow” more than about 1,200 square feet worth of lawn. You won’t want to try to take this to a 1/4 acre lawn, but for those of you in more urban areas where the lawns become more minimal, the Black and Decker Compact Mower makes a lot of sense. Plus, because it has such a small footprint, storing it is a real breeze.


Black and Decker Compact Mower Specs

  • Model Number: MTC220 (20V Max), BESTA512CM (Corded Model)
  • Voltage: 20V
  • Amps: 6.5
  • Cutting Heights: 1.6/2.4″
  • Cutting Swath: 12″
  • Feed Type: AFS-Automatic Feed Spool
  • Line Diameter: .065″
  • RPM: 8000 RPM
  • Weight: 9.9 lbs
  • MSRP: for the cordless 20V model, and for the corded version
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jay reedy

The foot pedal that attaches the carriage to the trimmer operates vi two springs. These springs rather quickly weaken and within a year youll have hard time keeping the trimmer and carriage together when mowing. That’s a very frustrating problem and cant be repaired.