Greenworks 60V String Trimmer Review

Greenworks 60V String Trimmer
PTR Review
  • Build Quality 8.0
  • Ergonomics 9.0
  • Feature Set 8.5
  • Cutting Power 8.5
  • Runtime 8.0
  • Value 8.5

Compared to the 80V model, the Greenworks 60V String Trimmer gets a big upgrade in ergonomics thanks to lighter weight, low vibration, and better balance. There's enough power in the brushless motor to easily handle all maintenance lawn care applications and some overgrowth.

Overall Score 8.4 (out of 10)

Greenworks introduces their 60V Pro lineup on the heels of their 82V Commercial series. The “Pro” designation may be a little confusing since it’s targeting homeowners, but it is an upgrade over the original 40V tools. The Greenworks 60V String Trimmer is the third we’re looking at in the line. The 60V mower has been a nice treat with a good combination of strength and maneuverability.

On the other side, the 60V chainsaw didn’t do so well in our shootout, though that’s likely due to the inclusion of a skip-tooth chain. With a standard Oregon 91 chain, it would have performed much better.

But with one hit and one miss, where does the Greenworks 60V String Trimmer fall? And following our string trimmer shootout from a couple of years ago, is there any improvement from the 80V model?

Top Features

Pro Vs Joe

One of the first things to look at when figuring out where a string trimmer fits is at the head. A Pro model will give you at least 15 inches of cutting swath and 0.095-inch line diameter. The Greenworks 60V String Trimmer gives you a little of both with a 16-inch swath and 0.080-inch diameter. We’ll see how well that performs, but on paper, it’s a Prosumer kind of setup.

Like most string trimmers, you can flip the cutter around to get a shorter cutting swath. Doing this will extend runtime and increase the speed of the cutting end of the line.

Greenworks 60V String Trimmer

Brushless Motor

Like I said in the mower review, if you’re not using a brushless motor on your cordless OPE, you should be. Greenworks includes theirs and orients it on the head. This is advantageous on a couple levels. First, it balances the weight of the battery well. It also allows for a direct drive of the head rather than losing energy to turn a shaft. The downside is that the design eliminates the ability to use attachments.

Greenworks 60V String Trimmer

Line Changes

Line changes are manual with a little bit of design help. Just clip your line in at the halfway point and wrap both lines the same direction. There’s a slot in the outer head housing so you don’t have to thread the line through. But you do have to keep that line under control while you put the head back together, so it’s not fool-proof.

Greenworks 60V String Trimmer


You’ll see a lot of Pros remove the guard on their string trimmers. But when I’m at home and it’s 95 degrees in the shade, I like to wear shorts when I can get away with it. You need a wide guard to protect you legs, though. Greenworks uses a fairly standard, narrower guard. It’ll give you some protection, but not enough to neglect long work pants.

Greenworks 60V String Trimmer


The safety is a typical push-down style that makes it easy to operate when you place your hand on the trigger. The trigger and safety style are at risk of damage if the trimmer takes abuse, though. By designing these as more substantial pieces that push into the handle housing, it would reduce that risk quite a bit.

Greenworks 60V String Trimmer

The trimmer has two speed available that change by flipping a switch. It’s on the left side, so right-hand users can flip it with their thumb without too much trouble. However, I’d like to see that move to the top where both righties and lefties can get to it easier. And while a mechanical switch isn’t an issue in and of itself, an electronic switch would just help give the trimmer a better fit and finish along with a more Pro feel.


With the 80V string trimmer to compare with, the Greenworks 60V String Trimmer gets a major upgrade in ergonomics. The two big components are a lower weight and better balance. The balance improvement is thanks to a rear mounting battery. The 80V model had it come in from the side that created some major balance issues if you wanted to use one of the higher capacity batteries.

Greenworks 60V String Trimmer

The support handle adjusts up and down the shaft as well as any angle you want around it. The full D-shape means it’s easy to turn the trimmer for edging duties for both righties and lefties. The handle doesn’t have an overmold, though. It’s just hard tool plastic with some texture for a better grip. However, the main handle has some overmold and a comfortable grip.

Greenworks 60V String Trimmer


With everything from edging to fencelines to trim, I put the Greenworks 60V String Trimmer through all its paces. The one constant I noticed is that Greenworks did a very nice job controlling the vibration in this model. There’s a little bit there and it’s not quite as low as we find with the EGO 15-inch model, but it’s also much less than many of the competitors out there.

Greenworks 60V String Trimmer

For standard maintenance trimmer, there’s all the power you’ll need. When you get to thick, high grass, you’ll miss the ability to effectively run 0.095 or 0.105-inch line. However, flipping the cutter to the 14-inch position will give the cutting edge extra speed that will help out some.

Greenworks says you can get up to 40 minutes of runtime using the 2.0 amp hour battery. Of course, that’s at low speed. I do most of my trimming in high and don’t run through a full battery trimming around the flower beds and fence lines of our 1/4-acre lot.

The Bottom Line

Greenworks 60V String Trimmer


Compared to the 80V model, the Greenworks 60V String Trimmer gets a big upgrade in ergonomics thanks to lighter weight, low vibration, and better balance. There’s enough power in the brushless motor to easily handle all maintenance lawn care applications and some overgrowth.

However, you won’t be able to use attachments or swap a blade on there. With an excellent cutting swath, but only 0.080-inch line diameter, this is going to be a trimmer for the homeowner rather than the Pro. $199 with a battery or $119 bare is a pretty solid price point for this model.

Overall, Greenworks did a nice job with the design on the 60V model. I’ll stick to my original comment that this is looking like the best all-around line that Greenworks has come up with so far.

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Greenworks 60V String Trimmer Key Features

  • Provides the power you need with up to 40 minutes of run time on a fully charged 2Ah Battery
  • High-efficiency brushless motor engineered to provide more power, torque, quiet operation and longer motor life
  • 16-in cut path with high visibility guard for larger yard projects
  • Dual .080″ twisted line with convenient bump feed head
  • Convenient push button start, no messy gas
  • 4-year limited tool warranty, 2-year battery warranty
  • 2Ah Li-Ion battery and charger included

Greenworks 60V String Trimmer Specifications

  • Model: Greenworks ST60L210
  • Power Source: Greenworks 60V Li-Ion Battery
  • Kitted Battery: 2.0 AH
  • Stated Runtime: Up to 40 Minutes
  • Cutting Swath: 16 Inches
  • Line Diameter: 0.080″
  • Head Style: Dual Line, Bump Feed
  • Attachment Ready: No
  • Warranty: 4 Years Tool, 2 Years Battery
  • Price: $199 (kit), $119 (bare)

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James Fraser

The bump feed never seems to work properly. Am I doing something wrong? I have to stop working every few minutes to re thread the string.


Will the battery be damaged if it is run completely down

Rodney King

Try getting a simple thing like a replacement bump knob. Stores don’t have them and neither does Greenworks.


Any advice on where to get a replacement bump knob for the 60v trimmer? We have searched everywhere and even Greenworks website doesn’t carry the parts for this model. Is there a universal model that would work? Thanks.

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